Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Last Day of School for 2013!! :-)

Room 3's entry for Film Festival

Today the 17th of December it was the last day of school for 2013!! I am happy and sad at the same time because I will be missing the memories of 2013. It was the most awesome year of my life to be honest. I had a lot of highlights for 2013. One of them was at the Film Festival because it gave me goose bumps when I watched my Class's Movie. I also had a Awesome time presenting our Class Movie with Patrick. He was Awesome!!! Another one was watching our little concert in the Hall when the 2 mentoring Groups Performed, also Kids 4 Kids.

But I also wish good luck to the Year 8's students to College. I just want to say to them good luck or the next year at College. I will also miss the cool stuff we did during 2013!!! I will miss, Miss G and some other people in my Class who will be leaving to another Class, especially Victoria. There will be a lot of memories that i will miss from 2013. 

But I am also excited for my next Class for 2014, Room 6!!! I can't wait to be in Mr Slade's Class. But for 2013 all of my Classmates I will miss them. They were all awesome. Even though that this year is over, another Chapter will open next year for 2014. I am going to miss Room 3 very much. And the on the last day of being at St Pius X Catholic School for when I am Year 8 I will never forget my Classmates throughout the Years and I will never forget St Pius.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Farewell Miss G :-)

This women in this photo right here is my Awesome Teacher of 2013, Miss G!! She has been my favourite Teacher so far and has really helped me out this year. Especially with my Netbook. But I am very sad because Miss G will be leaving St Pius X Catholic School to another step towards her career in Teaching. Room 3 will probably be her last Class she will ever Teach and Room 3 will miss her very much. She is a Brilliant Teacher and I will always memorize her. She will be leaving to Good Shepherd to become a Deputy Principal. I am happy for her for taking a step forward in her career.
I just want to say to Miss G, good luck for the coming future and career in your life. I will miss you so, so much and always memorize you in my life. 
I wish you luck for the next few years and may God Bless you!!! :-)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Room 3's Assembly!!!

On Friday the 6th it is going to be Room 3's Assembly. Which is also going to be to the last Virtues Assembly of the year. Which makes it even better. So to show people Room 3 have made a Poster that shows all the things that are going to happen in our Assembly. Maybe you can try and figure it out before the Assembly even happens!!

My Netbook Reflection

Now this Year 2013 is going to be different. I have been learning with my Netbook. For me it has been difficult this year because it has been my first year using a Netbook. Now I feel more independent to do my learning.

I have to admit it wasn’t easy in the beginning of the year, I can tell you that now. But overall it has been an awesome year with Miss G. She has been a really wonderful teacher to me. I hope that she has a great year next year with her new job and new school.

It has been difficult for me because there has been a lot of hard tasks throughout the year. Like one of the hard tasks is creating a Narrative with a Online website called ‘Storybird.’ It was a hard task because it had been the first time I had used it. I had to make a Problem, Solution, Characters and a Setting. Although after going through this I finally got it.

I hope that in the future I will do better than this year. I hope that I will achieve all of my Goals. I hope that God will help me with my work and everything that I do. I know that God will help me with what I do with my Netbook.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Book Review

Book Review:
Author:Jez Alborough

Characters:Bobo the Baby Monkey , Mother Monkey, Elephants, Lizards, Snakes. Tigers, Giraffes and Hippos.
Plot:This Story is about a little Monkey called ‘Bobo.’ He walks through the Jungle trying to find someone to hug. Then he sees a lot of animals hugging eachother. He eventually doesn’t find anyone to hug so then he starts to cry. At the end his Mum sees him crying and goes to him then she hugs him.
Problem:The Problem is that Bobo could not find anyone to hug.
Solution:The Solution is that when Mother Monkey comes and hugs Bobo.

Your opinion of the story:My opinion is that I really liked this story. I liked it because it tells that you will always have someone there to comfort  you when you are feeling blue or down.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cultural Day!!!

“I am nervous for today. I have a rumbling sore Stomach and my legs are shaking.” I said nervously to my sister. “It is alright just be yourself. Be bold and proud.” She said with confidence. “Ok I will try.” I replied back with a smile.

On Friday the 22nd of November for the Senior Syndicate it was all about Diversity for them. For the last 2 Terms the Senior Syndicate which is Rooms 3, 6 and 7. Each class got a Continent to study about. Room 7 got Europe, Room 6 got Asia and Room 3 got South America. My Class got divided up into 4 Groups. The Groups were Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Peru. I was in Brazil.

What we had to do was that we had to make up some research questions, we had to find the answers to them. Then we had to learn them off - by heart. Then we presented them to Room 6 & 7. It was pretty nerve racking.

Also what we did on Friday was a Mass. The theme of the Mass was Diversity which was perfect for the point that the whole day was about Diversity. Then after Lunch the Senior Syndicate will present their Cultural Dance.

So the day had began everybody got into line looking ready for Church. I was really nervous. Just when everybody got into the Church and settle down we then got to begin. Deja walked up to the Lectern and began the Mass. She introduced the Topic and then we started our Cultural Diversity day.

After when Mass was finished Miss G told us which class was presenting 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Room 7 was first, Room 3 was second and Room 6 was last.

After this each Class lined up and walked back to their Classroom. We had to walk back to our Class to get a Pencil because we were going to Assess each Class on their Oral Presentation and their Recording. It was exciting to find out their Presentation. It also felt awesome to mark other classes Presentations. After grabbing our Pencil we lined up again and headed off to Room 7. When we got into Room 7 it was filled with the countries of Europe. The countries were United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain. It looked very fascinating. Phew! It was also hot and stuffy because there were a lot of people stuffed in one small Classroom.

After when Room 6 & 3 were settled we started with the 1st Presentation of the day, which was the United Kingdom. Then after the United Kingdom was Germany, then Greece etc.

After all of the Presentation that we saw my favourite Presentation from Room 7 was Spain. It was very interesting and they said each of their parts confident.

The next Class was Room 3. Ahh!!!! I was so nervous I felt like fainting because of all of the hot air and because of me feeling nervous. As I was walking I said this to myself, “oh man I wish that i had never come today. What if I screw up and then let my Group down!!”

Just when we were walking Miss G told us to go into Class put your Pencil away and then we had to go and sit in our Groups. We got into the Classroom and did just that. When we sat down I could already feel the heat on me and my hands still sweaty, my Stomach was still sore and my Legs were still shaking. I was a total mess. I tried to calm myself down but it just wouldn’t work. So then I thought of good things.

Just as I thought of good things the Classes started to line up and when I looked at how much students lined up I was really really nervous now. Just when everyone settled it was time for the first Presentation from Room 3 and that was Peru. I was so glad that it wasn’t Brazil. Brazil was going 3rd. I thought to myself, “wow that is a good place to be.”

When Peru got up and did their Presentation it look easy but it wasn’t to me. After Peru was Argentina. Argentina did a pretty good job. Then next was BRAZIL!!! I felt so scared and nervous.

As we walked up and stood in front of Room 6 & 7 I felt like running away or fainting. But I couldn’t not now. Just when we all settled I started off. “Welcome to Brazil. We are going to talk about all sorts of things about Brazil. The environment, lifestyle, food, dances and more. So please listen closely to our Presentation about Brazil! Phew” I said to myself with no more stress. After the Introduction it was Stephanie, then, Manu, than Ezra etc.

After Petra it was my turn again. The question that I had to say was ‘What is the Environment like in Brazil?’ I had the longest part out of my Group so their was a lot of pressure on me. After when I said my part I was nearly relieved. After me was Martha, then Asipeli, then Rosalina then the Presentation is finish. But I still needed to say the last bit to finish our Presentation off.

Just as we went and sat back down I had relief, FINALLY!! “Phew, lucky that is over! I said to myself trying to cool off from all of the hotness. But the Presenting still wasn’t over we still had to Present our Dance. But that still wasn’t a worry for me.

The next Group that was up was Colombia. Now Colombia was my favourite Group because everybody participated with each other and they all said their Parts with confidence and clearly. Their Group was Fantastic.

Finally after Colombia Room 3’s Presentation was finished for the day. HOORAY!! I felt happy. The next Classroom was Room 6. So we had to grab our Pencils again and set off to Room 6. I was very excited to see their Presentations because Asia looks very interesting to me. I couldn’t wait until I saw Asia’s.

When we got into their Class their were 4 Groups. India, Thailand, China and Japan. When we had all settled down the exciting Presentations were going begin. The 1st Group was India. Now India was my favourite Group because they all knew their parts and they looked at us with confidence.

Then next was Thailand, then China and then the last one is Japan. Now my favourite was India and my least favourite was Japan. The reason why my least favourite was Japan is because they were ready off the board and it was also disorganised.

Now after when Japan’s Presentation was finished it was the last one of the day and we were finally finished with Presentations. (WOAHHH!!!) Now the next and final thing to present was the dances. But I wasn’t really worried about the Dances because were doing it altogether. I was mostly worried about the Presentations.

Anyways next up was Lunchtime, YAYY!!!! A break from all the worried and nervous faces on me. I had a wonderful playtime that Lunch and was very relaxed. Then just when the bell rang I just remember about the Dance. “Ah oh.” I said to myself. “I am nervous again. What should I do?” So after my small conversation in my head I rushed back to the Classroom to get changed into my customs.  

After when everybody was ready we all lined up then headed off down to the Hall. The whole school was going to be watching. That was more nerve racking than ever.

Just as we were gathering into the Hall the Junior Classes started to come inside the Hall and I was getting more nervous than ever. After when every Class had settled inside the Hall we finally started. The first Room was Room 7, then Room 3 and the last one is Room 6.

After Room 7’s 4 Dances it was Room 3’s turn. Now I was really nervous. When we had got onto the Stage I felt my Legs shaking but I still had a huge Smile on my face to show how proud I was to be doing a South American Dance.

When we got into position I felt confident. When the Dance was finished I was so glad. After watching all of the other Items and Dances I felt so relieved. After all the commotion from today I feel really proud of myself and relieved. My highlight from today was presenting our Presentations because I felt like over the past 2 Terms it was worth working for it. I hope in the future we could have another Awesome Project like this. I think from today that Diversity is important to everyone!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Typing Test Term - 4

In the beginning of the year my Typing score was 41, then it was, 53 and my last one was 60. Now for my Typing score I got 71. I got 11 more words than last time. So altogether I from the beginning of the year to the end of the year I got 30 more words. Wow!!! I am very proud of myself for getting more than the last time. I hope that in the future I will get  higher score.

Comparing Communion of Saints

Saturday, 23 November 2013


For the last 2 Terms Room 3 has been learning about South America. We were all split into 4 Groups and got a Country each to learn about. My Group was Brazil. So we made up some quality questions and found the answers to them. Then in Week 6 we had to present them to the Senior Syndicate.
Here is my Group's Presentation. :-)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Touch Training

What are you looking forward to?
What I am looking forward to is to be having a lot of fun. I am also looking forward to learning lots of awesome skills. I can’t wait for the exciting 3 weeks coming up of Touch.

What are you expecting?
What I am expecting is to have lots of passing and throwing also a lot of running. I am expecting a lot of excitement from this Kiwi Sport.

Why do you think we are doing it?
Why I think that we are doing it so we can learn Touch skills. I think why we are doing this  is to become better at Touch and and so we can do good in the Tournament.

What do you think that you will see?
What I think that I will see are Cones and Rugby Balls. What I think what I will also see are a lot of sweaty and tired people. I can’t wait for the Touch Tournament from Touch NZ!!!!!  

Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Inspiration - Valerie Adams

I chose Valerie Adams for my Inspiration because to me she is my Hero. She is a Champion to me because she is a fighter. What I like about Valerie Adams is that she never gives up. Even when Valerie Adams has came 2nd or 3rd she is always a good sport that is what I like about her. I hope that in the future I could be just like Valerie Adams.

Valerie Adams is Awesome!!!!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Film Festival 2013!!!!

“I am a little nervous.” I said to Patrick with my hands sweating.” “I’m not nervous at all” he replied to me. “Wow then you must be brave” I answered.

On a fabulous, sunny day St Pius X Catholic School were going to  the Movies. “I am excited!” My friends said with happiness. “Well I am a little nervous” I said reminding myself. “Well don’t be nervous we will all be supporting you” they said with a smile on their faces cheering me up. “Thanks you guys are the best.” I was nervous because Patrick and I were going to present our Movie which was called ‘Success’. The Room 3 students did it all by themselves and we were all proud of our Movie.

Just as I said ‘thanks’ Miss G opened the door and then she spotted me. She said, “Alecia after when the bell has rung you and Patrick have to go to Mr Coakley because he will be taking you to Sylvia Park”. “Ok,” I replied.

After that Miss G walked out of the room. A few minutes later the bell rang and that reminded me that I had to go to Mr Coakley and grab Patrick as well. I found Mr Coakley and we had to go in the hall. When we had got into the Hall all the students were there and looked excited.

First Mrs Williams said a prayer to start us off and Mr Coakley took Patrick, Samantha, Fiapo and I to his car so we could go with him. When we were all ready we headed off to Sylvia Park. “Are we going to presenting 3 times?” I asked Patrick. “Yes we are.” he replied back. On the way we listened to the Jam Bus CD that St Pius had produced. Mr Coakley loves listening to our Music.

Later on when we had arrived at Sylvia Park I got out of the car to get some fresh air, which felt a lot better. Just when everybody had got out of the car we crossed the road and Mr Coakley  told us to stay together. It sure was a beautiful day.

When we had entered Sylvia Park we turned to the right and kept on walking. We had seen the Escalator so we travelled up it and walked through the entrance, it smelt like Popcorn. We met up with a lady that led Patrick, Samantha, Fiapo and I to Cinemas 2.

“Oh look, people are already here and practising” I said with surprise. “Maybe we are going to practise as well” Patrick replied. Just as he said that I was getting more nervous because I was scared that I might mess up, but I still tried to keep my cool, I just went with the flow.

When we went down and we sat down on a chair 2 more people had practised and then it was time for Patrick and I to practise. I was getting more and more nervous because I kept thinking of all of things that I could do wrong. There was no ladder so we just had to pull ourselves up. The spotlight came on us, then Patrick said quietly 1, 2, 3. We started and we both had to say ‘Success.’ When it came to my part I said my part just as we had practised. When Patrick and I finished our little practise I was so relieved. I had gained confidence in myself and I was as ready as ever. After 2 more groups had practised the Schools started to gather in the Cinema. The lady told us to stop practising otherwise it would ruin the surprise.

When I looked at how many children were gathering in the Cinema I started to get nervous again because I saw so many children gathering around. Soon got over my fear when every school were in the right seat and we started. Mr Coakley came up and introduced everything. “This is the 6th annual Film Festival” Mr Coakley said. “Gee’s that must of been a lot” I gasped.

After Mr Coakley had done his speech the Introduction came up on the screen and the first people to present were PATRICK AND I!!!! Ahhhh I was nearly going to scream!!! I breathed in and out, in and out.

The Spotlight came on and that was Patrick and I’s queue to get up on the stage. Patrick went up first then I followed. When we had got onto the stage all I heard were shouts for us. “Wow maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all” I said to myself. “Success” we both said with expression. “We are from Room 3 at St Pius X Catholic School” Patrick said looking calm. “Our Movie is all about Success” I said keeping my cool. “What is Success?” Patrick asked looking at me. “Well it can come in all different types. Check out our movie to find out!” I answered to him and the audience. “Success” we said to finish it off together.

We gave the microphones to the lady next to the stage and we jumped off at the other side. “Yayyy, I actually made it through without messing up.” I said to myself. After this the Movie started Patrick and I sat down and watched Room 3’s awesome Movie. “Wow, we did a really great job with our Movie!!” I said to myself.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Prompt Writing 6

“Come on Buster and Josh let’s go for a walk to the Beach. ” Kyle said clapping his hands. “Okay I’ll go get the collars.” Christine said walking from the hallway. “Roof roof.” They both replied.

Once upon there were 2 dogs named Buster and Josh (Buster the White Dog, Josh the Black Dog). They were like best friends in the whole entire world. They would play Fetch and Chase, they also loved to Chase each others Tails. Their owners names were Kyle and Christine,they loved their Dogs. They thought that they were the smartest Dogs in the world.

One day Kyle suggested that they should go on a walk so Christine grabbed the Collars, got their Coats and some Squeak incase the Dogs wanted to play. When they set they headed off for their walk Christine held Buster’s Collar and Kyle held Josh’s Collar. “Phew, it sure is a hot day” mumbled Christine. “It sure is, should we go to the Beach?” asked Kyle. “I don’t see why we shouldn’t!”

So Kyle, Christine, Buster and Josh changed direction and walked to the Beach. 10 Minutes later they had arrived at the Beach. “Ahhh, look at those waves Christine, they sure look cool enough to swim in! Don’t they?” questioned Kyle. “They sure do!” replied Christine.

So Christine took Buster and Josh down to the shore and gave them 2 Squeak Toys, 1 for each of them. They both went for the long Squeaky Toy and then there became a problem. They both wanted the Long Squeaky Toy so they started to pull the Toy and it looked like it was going to break.

“Oh no look at Buster and Josh, their fighting over the Squeaky Toy.” Kyle complained. “We should probably go give them another Squeaky Toy” Christine said sighing. So Kyle and Christine jumped up and grabbed 1 more Squeaky Toy and then when Buster saw the Squeak Toy that Kyle was holding he let go of the Squeaky Toy and grabbed the Squeaky Toy off Kyle and continued playing.

“Yay, they are not fighting over the Squeaky Toy anymore” Christine said in happiness. 10 Minutes later Kyle and Christine decided that it was time to go back home. Christine whistled and Buster and Josh came running to Christine. Kyle pulled out their Collars and put them on their necks and they walked back home.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt Writing 5

“Come on Christle let’s go to the Cafe.” Jack said in a hurry. “Ok let’s go.” Replied Christle. “Where are we going ?” Asked John. “We are going to the Cafe.” Answered Christle.

Once upon a time, there were 3 best friends and they were going to the Cafe on a nice hot Sunny day. “Which Cafe should we go to Star Cafe or the Golden Cafe.” Asked Christle. “I think that we should go to the Star Cafe, I like their Mochaccino.” Replied John. “Yeah me too.” Added John.

So the 3 best friends went to the Star Cafe to grab 2 Mochaccinos and 1 Coffee. After they had ordered. They all sat down outside the Cafe and had their first sip of their Delicious Beverages. “Ahhhh, this Mochaccino is the best.” Said John in delight. “I know they make the best Mochaccinos.” Added Jack.

But when Christle had a sip of her drink she started to look weird. Her wonderful Blonde hair were Pony Tails and she was wearing Glasses. “Christle!! What happened to you?” Jack said in horror. She just looked at Jack and said “who are you?” “I am Jack your best friend.” Jack said confused. “Do you remember me, i’m John your other best friend.” He said with hope. “Ummm, no.” “What happened to you!!” They both said.”

So the 3 best friends that turned into 2 best friends all left with a hurry to Jack’s House to figure out a solution. “She must of changed when she had a sip of the Coffee!!” John said. “But how??” Replied Jack. “I don’t know.” Jack answered.

After when they were both trying to find out the Solution, Jack’s Mum came and she said “hi” to Jack, John and Christle.” Hello.” Jack and John replied back. “What happened to Christle.” She asked with confusion. “We don’t because we went to Star Cafe and she ordered a Coffee and when she sipped it she turned, wel tot his!! Jack said walking around in circles. “Ohhhh, I know how to fix this problem. Jack’s Mum said. “How, HOW!! John and Jack said nearly begging on their Knees. Christle was just sitting on a Chair in the Lounge looking really confused. So then the Mum started “ well first you need to go outside and then you need to go outside and get the Garden Blower and blow it on Christle. Then that will be how to fix her. “Thanks.” They both said.

Then they ran outside got the Garden Blower made Christle stand still and when they blew it on her she turned back to her normal-self. “Yay! She’s back.” they both said. “What happened?” Christle asked with confusion. Then Jack spoke. “Well it’s a long story but we’ll tell it to you when we get into the House.” So after this the 3 best friends went inside the House and had some Coffee.

The End.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt Writing 4

“Don’t forget the Water Hannah!” Shouted Elliot from the other Bedroom. “I’ve already got it packed.” Replied Hannah. “What about the Sunscreen?” Asked Elliot. “Yes i’ve got that packed as well.” Answered Hannah. “Then we are all set.”

On a sunny beautiful Saturday Morning Hannah and Elliot were going to Hike to a Forest. They were extra excited to see all the Animals. They both loved Animals especially Monkeys.

“Ok let’s hop in the Car and set off.” Elliot demanded. So they both got into the Car and set off for their Adventure. When they parked their car next to the gate for the entrance of the Forest they got their Supplies out and started walking. Elliot put the keys in his bag to keep it safe. But he forgot to zip it up!! Elliot didn’t notice it and just kept on walking.

When they had came walked for a whole half an hour they decided to have a rest. So they sat down under a shady tree to relax. “Ahhh, that’s much better isn’t it Elliot? Elliot where are you!” Said Hannah in confusion. “Oh no they're gone!!” Shouted Elliot searching around. “What’s gone, what’s gone??” Hannah said as she stood up. “The car keys, they have vanished from my bag.” Said Elliot in terror. “How?” Said Hannah searching around as well. “I don’t know.” Replied Elliot. “ We have to find them.” Said Hannah.

So the Brother and Sister got up in a jiffy and started to search for the keys. They look in trees, they looked under dirt, they looked between rocks and in birds nest but no there were no sign of the missing keys anywhere. “What are we going to do?” Hannah said in fear. Then just as she spoke she spotted something shiny, they were the keys. A Monkey with big bold yellow eyes were holding it. “There they are!” She said with anger. “Get that Monkey!” Elliot exclaimed.

So they both ran after that Monkey. They climbed trees, they swang from vine to vine and they even crawled but no they could not get that Monkey. But then Elliot stopped and said “wait, he had a idea. Hannah did you pack any fruit.” Then Hannah replied, “umm yeah i think so.” So Hannah took some fruit out and Elliot grabbed it from  her hands. He spread the fruit out on his paws and said, “come here Monkey i’ve got some fruit and i’ve got some tasty Bananas.” Just as silence fell a hungry Monkey came jumping for the fruit just as he jumped onto Elliot he dropped the keys and Hannah caught them. “Hooray!! We’ve got the keys back.”

After when the Monkey ate all the Fruit he jumped out of Elliot and climbed back in the Trees. “Now we can enjoy the rest of our hike.” So then they enjoyed the rest of their exciting Adventure.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Prompt Writing 3

“Why are we here again Ashley?” Questioned Tom. “We are here to write a report about these kinds of Tigers“ replied Ashley.

On a drowsy day Ashley and Tom went to the Zoo so Ashley could write a report about the kinds of Tigers. “I am going to make this the best Report about Tigers ever!!” Said Ashley enthusiastically. Tom just rolled his eyes and they both kept on walking.

“Now we need to find the Tigers section and see them then we are going to ask the Zookeeper some questions as well” Said Ashley. “Is this going to take long because I am hungry?“ Tom said rubbing his tummy and licking his lips. “Ok we can go get something to eat now, then we will start looking at the Tigers“ Ashley said in a hurry. So they both headed off to buy some Corn Dogs and a Drink. After their Snack they both were very full. “That was a good Snack wasn’t it Tom?“ “It was delicious” whispered Tom.

After their Snack they both headed off to the Tigers Section. When they started to walk Tom found a sign that pointed to where the Tigers were. “Oh, oh I found it” he said jumping up and down. “Where?” asked Ashley. Tom pointed to the sign and then they rushed away. “Oh my gosh, do we have to go in that cage?“ Said Tom in horror. “Yes, Tom we have to. We can do it!!” Ashley said encouragingly to Tom. “Ok. I can do it, I can do it“ chanted Tom.

For the tour people have to go in a cage tha will has wheels and you see all the different Tigers. They jumped on the cages and looked at the people. It was pretty scary. After gaining confidence Ashley and TOm stood in line waiting to go in the cage. When it was their turn to go inside the cage, they both took one step at a time. When they entered the cage Ashley said, “see, what did I say TOm? there is nothing to be afraid of.“ TOm replied, “you were right there is nothing to be afraid of” But then when it came to travelling they got really scared and when Ashley was writing notes she dropped her pen and it went through a little hole in the cage. “Oh oh, I dropped my pen TOm, what do we do??“ Tom answered, “I don’t know. Let’s think of what to do“ So they thought and thought. They thought hard. Then TOm said ” I have an idea, we can just ask the Zookeeper to get it for us“ With joy Ashley replied, “what a marvellous idea.“

Ashley asked the Zookeeper and she stepped out of the cage grabbed the Pen and then hopped back inside to continue the tour. Ashley took the pen and held onto to the Pen tight not letting it out of her sight. After the tour they both left the Zoo and the next day Ashley gave her report to her Boss and she said that it was the best Report about Tigers. Ashley and Tom were very happy.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

“Hurry up Cody, we want to get a good spot to sit” Sally said impatiently. “Just wait a minute, I am coming, I am just putting my hat on”, Cody replied.

On one beautiful gorgeous sunny day, Sally and Cody decided to go the beach. “It is a lovely day, isn’t it Cody?“ Said Sally. “Yes! It is“ replied Cody. “But it is also hot“ Sally said. “I need to put my hat on to protect my face.” So Sally put her hat on and watched the glorious view.

“Maybe later on we could go for a swim?“ Said Cody. “Oh yes!“ answered Sally. “The Beach looks nice and cold enough to swim in. I think that I might need my sunglasses?“ So Sally got out her sunglasses and put them on her eyes.

“I think that I might put some sunscreen on“ Said Cody. “Oh no!!” Shouted Cody. “What happened Cody?“ “We have forgotten the sunscreen. We can’t swim in the hot burning sun! If we did then we would get sunburned.“ Sally said in terror “I don’t want to get sunburned! What are we going to do??”

So Cody and Sally started to think of a solution to their problem. They thought and thought and thought. Sally had the solution, “I’ve got it! We can just drive back home, grab the sunscreen!” Sally said in happiness. “Great idea! “ Cody said.

So they both headed back home, grabbed the sunscreen then headed back to the beach. “Now we can have a good time at the beach! This is great!“ Sally exclaimed. So Sally and Cody put their sunscreen on and went swimming and had they had a great time.