Friday, 28 June 2013

Fractions Recapping

LI - Recapping on Fraction learning from past 2 weeks.

There are 5 people at the party and 3 wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 = 3/5.
How much wafers that each person will get is 3/5.✔
There are 6 people at the party and 4 wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 = 4/6.
How much wafers that each person will get is 4/6.✔
What is ¼ of 24?
4 x 6 = 24
The answer is 6.✔
What is ⅔ of 21?
3 x 7 = 21
7 / 2= 3.5
The answer is 3.5.✔
There are 8 people at the party and 3 wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/8 + 1/8 + 1/8 = 3/8.
How much wafers that each person will get is 3/8.✔

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Meet Fuzzy the Teddy Bear!

I am going to write a description about a Teddy Bear called Fuzzy. He is a wonderful toy.

Fuzzy looks brown as chocolate. He looks soft as a blanket. It looks small like a mouse and he looks very handsome like a prince. Fuzzy is adorable as a puppy. Also he has a lovely bowtie.

He feels like a cuddly little baby and furry like a Rabbit. He also feels like a chubby kid and his big  black round nose feels like a clowns big round red nose.

Where it is seen or found is in a bedroom. It could be seen in the shop. Or it could also be displayed at the shopping center through a window.

Fuzzy can be cuddled and hugged. He needs to be cared for and loved like a real little Teddy Bear.

What makes Fuzzy special is that there is no other Teddy Bear like Fuzzy. He is perfect just the way he is. It doesn't matter if he is as brown as chocolate or chubby as a kid. It matters who he is. I wouldn’t have him any other way or in any other form.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Our Cookie Construction Protector

On Tuesday afternoon Room 3 found a partner to work with. We had to find a partner because we were going to make a  cookie construction protector, to protect the cookie from the cookie monster. The equipment we used was, a sheet of A3 paper, cellatape,  scissors, a 2 metre long string and straws. But first we had to plan how we were going to protect the cookie. My partner was Seuati. My experience was awesome making a construction protector, I had loads of fun.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

God's Covenant

A covenant is a sacred serious agreement and promise between God and God's people.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Maths Activity

LI - Find fractions of lengths, including seeing when a fraction is greater than one.

There are four people at the party and five wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 = 5/4  

The answer is 5/4.
There are three people at the party and four wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 = 4/3
The answer is 4/3.
There are eight people at the party and two wafer. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/8 + 1/8 = 2/8
The answer is 2/8.
There are five people at the party and four wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 = 4/5
The answer is 4/5.
There are two people at the party and three wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 = 3/2 = 1 1/2
The answer is 1 and a 1/2.

Percy's Song of Freedom Reading Activity Week 5

Percy’s Song of Freedom - Pt 2, No 2, 2005

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.
canary - A canary is a little yellow bird that sings. ✔
perch - A perch is a place where a bird sits in a nest.✔
refuse - Refuse means to say that you will not do or accept.✔
shriek - A shriek is a shrill scream.✔

2. Draw Percy singing his song.
This illustration shows Percy singing on the tallest Pine Tree.

3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.
a) Where did Percy escape to? Percy escaped outside into the open air and onto a Tree.
b) Why do you think Percy escaped from his cage? Percy escaped out of the cage because Carol accidently let him go when she was cleaning his cage.
c) Who rescued Percy? The person who rescued Percy was the father.
d) What did it mean in the story when  it said ‘With the last strength of his wings’? That means that with only the last power of his wings to fly he was able to fly.  ✔

My Pool Description

I am going to describe what a pool smells like, sounds like, feels like and looks like. I am going to talk about the Pool because it has been at our school for quite a while now. Our Pool we love, so that’s why i’m going to write a description about it.

The Pool looks very big. It looks like a big rectangle and it looks blue. It looks see-through like the wind. If you looked at it from the ladder it looks like a big rectangle shaped bowl full of blue jelly wiggling and jiggling around.

The Pool sounds a bit like the rough sea, a rough sea swaying from one side to another hitting the banks with pain. When the Pool’s waves get louder and louder it sounds a bit like a Thunderstorm getting louder and louder and angrier and angrier.

The Pool feels very wet. When the Pool’s waves are really rough it feels a bit like a big whirlpool going around in circles or a big sea storm. The sides of the Pool also feels like a curvy skateboard ramp.

The Pool smells really smelly. It smells like chlorine. Chlorine to me smells really smelly. The chlorine inside the Pool’s marque smells like some wet old smelly socks and old smelly pairs of boots.

Where you can find the Pool is at the St Pius X School tennis court grounds. It is so big that you can see it from half way down our school driveway. The Pool’s marquee looks like a Circus tent but instead of the colour Red it is white.

How we use the Pool is by using it for swimming lessons. We use it to have fun and to learn something new about swimming. How we also use it is by learning something new about water. Like what we should do if we are stranded out in the Ocean or learning how to swim in different ways.

What makes our Pool special is that we only get it for a bit out of the whole year. What makes it special is that only a few schools have it once a year. That it is for us and us only and that we are lucky enough for our school to have this opportunity to receive these swimming lessons. Also it is special because it belongs to the Cluster of Schools and was given to us from the Mt Wellington Trust. All of this and alot more is what makes it special to us.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Call to Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah were sad. They were sad because they had no children.

One day God said to Abraham, “ Go, go leave this country, I will show you where you will go. The place where you are going you can have the land and you will have a baby.“ So they left the country and followed where God wanted them to go. When they finished their journey they had come up to a land called Canaan.

A few months later since God had promised them that they were going to have a baby, they started to doubt. Then one day 2 Angels came that were disguised as men. They came to Abraham and Sarah welcomed them into their tent and had dinner and sat under a nice shady Tree. The 2 Angels said to Abraham, “Sarah is going to have a child”. Sarah heard this from the tent and laughed. “Why is Sarah laughing? Is anything too hard for God?” said the Angels. At this point of time this was when they realised that these men were actually special messengers from God.

9 months later Sarah had a baby boy, for whom they called Isaac.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

God's Call to Mary

Rm 3 Gods Call To Mary from St Pius X on Vimeo.

This morning after morning tea we had Mrs Tui come in and watch us do our Religious Education. What we have been looking at for the last 2 days is God's call and God's promises. First we looked at  Abraham and Sarah's promise. Today we talked about the call to Mary. For our activity we had to do a little role play that showed when the Angel came to Mary to tell her the good news from God. Miss G read a little paragraph from the story of God's call to Mary. At the end of the role plays Mrs Tui did a little role play of hers.

Monday, 17 June 2013

My Maths

In Maths I am a Pondering Pentagon and I am stage 6.

Aim High Reading Activity Week 6

Aim High - Pt 2, No 3, 2003

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.

observatory -  a place to study the stars
astronomer - A scientific observer of the celestial bodies.
buried - To put the in the ground and then cover up the earth.
expect - To look forward to something but then never happens.
yowl - A long cry that a cat makes.

2. Draw what you think the Dog Star might look like.

3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.

a) Where were the boys on the trip?
For the trip they went to the Observatory.

b) Why was Nik’s Mum so sad when he got home?
Nik’s Mum was sad because their Cat Flash had died.

c) What idea did Nik have at the end?
His idea is was to get a star named after his Cat Flash.

d) What did it mean in the story when  it said ‘Nick’s face felt hot and heavy’?
He felt like he couldn’t believe that Flash was dead and gone.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Swimming Lessons

“Hurry up!” I shouted to Victoria as she dropped her towel. We ran as fast as we could to the courts and when we arrived Rosalina said to us “ Put your bags inside the tent”. We all came out like a herd of Elephants.

“Open the gate” I said to Joanna. We walked into the big white tent and hung up our towels. I walked up to the instructor Jillian and told her a message Mrs Deeney told me to say to her. I said, “we are all just one group today”. She replied to me “okay that’s alright”.

Jillian got a piece of paper and a board and called out the names to see who was there and who was not. There was only a little group of us swimming. After that we all lined up and one by one we hopped into the pool. As I got into the pool it was warmer than usual. We had to all go to one wall, I was on the left side of the pool with Rosalina and a couple of other boys.

Jillian got our attention, she told us what was going to be happening for the last couple of days and what the other instructor would be doing with us too. We were going to be doing a tested to see if we could swim 15 metres without standing up and if we stand up then she would just mark us as 5 metres.

So as soon as she finished talking about what was going to happen for the next 2 days we had some practise runs of what we learnt so far in swimming. First we did practise with our boards just so we can be better in the test. So she gave us all a board so we could practise on it and one by one on each side we pushed off the wall and had to kick as far as we could. I was the last one to go but that didn’t matter to me.

Next we did the test to see how far we could swim. This time we had no boards because we only use the boards for practising. Some people didn’t make it to the end, sad for them but I made sure that I made it to the end and I did.

When we all finished Jillian said that we had to do it one more time then we could move on to the next test. This time Jillian  watched all of us kicking and breaking the surface of the water.  When it came to me I made sure that I made it without standing up. When the test was finished I was puffed out.

The next practise was gliding. We had lean our arms behind our ears and be as tall as we could. First we practised this with the board. Jillian told us to be as tall as we could be and kick off the wall but not too hard. We practised this once then we had to go back to the wall. I was very sure that I would use my practise wisely. When we got there I took off my goggles and breathed so I could get my breath back.

Next we did the real test. We all had to lean our arms back again and be as tall as we could be. I put on my goggles, put my arms behind my ears, stretched as tall as I could be and pushed off the  wall. There I was, I was off, I swam and kicked as fast as I could be, breaking the surface. I made sure again that I made it to the end and I did. I was just about to miss it but I could spare another breathe under water to swim the 15 metres.

The next practise was when we did big arm circles, this was the last practise and test we had to do before we had free time. First again we had to pass around the boards to practise on. After everyone got their own board Jillian told us to put our thumbs under the board and our fingers on top. We also had to put our hands on the bottom. We practised our big arm circles together with Jillian, we had to do them slow and big. We had one round of practise for this and then it was the real test. We all swam back to the wall and gave our boards to Jillian, some people didn’t make it and some did. I was one of the people who made it.

When we had all finished Jillian said that we could now have free time. We played all sorts of games and races. I had fun with free time and I liked it alot.

After when free time was over Jillian told everyone to get out of the pool and give her a high 5. I enjoyed the lessons with Jillian.
My highlight of swimming was when we did the big arm circles because I found it challenging and fun.

Monday, 10 June 2013

The Big Netball Touranment

On a nice sunny day some people got chosen to play in the cluster netball tournament. First we all got changed into our netball uniforms.

After that we all had to go to Miss Leaupepe’s classroom so she could explain what was going on. She did the roll for who will be coming to the tournament.

After that the first groups of girls went with my dad. We took a little while to get there but I was too excited to be patient.

Next when we got to the stadium we all got out of the car and headed to the building, the building was very large. I saw some of the schools practising while they waiting for the games.

Finally Miss Leaupepe arrived at the stadium. Later on we heard a lady speaking on the speaker, she was saying where we had to g and which schools we were going to verse. The school that we were going to play against was this team with blue and green coloured uniforms. I didn’t know the name of their school.

While we were waiting for the games to start Miss Leaupepe showed us where our positions were. My position was goalkeeper so my role was to defend the goal shooter from the other team from shooting the ball. So I had to stay in the half circles.

Next we did a little warm up, we all had to stand in 2 lines. When we were standing in our 2 lines Miss Leaupepe threw the ball at us then we had to catch it and throw it back to her and go to the back of the opposite line that we were in before. We did this warm up for a little while and then the game began. I was very nervous because this was my first experience playing netball.

For our first game it was a disappointing loss against them, but as we finished the game Brother Terence said that I played well. At the end of the game we had to shake hands with the other players and say good game to each other. Our next game I did really good defending. At the end of the game it was a tie. We also did the same thing we did with our other game showing good sportsmanship.

Our next game we didn’t really have a game because the team that we were supposed to play they were not there. We ended up winning that game. While we were waiting for our next game I was watching the Year 6’’s team, they were playing well but the other team just kept on getting the ball and shooting it and getting a goal so they didn’t really win that one.

Later on we played our next game. The next people that we were going to verse was Sylvia Park.. The goal shooter was really hard to block because he kept moving from side to side. Everytime the ball was going to be passed to him I always jumped really high and caught the ball. At the end of that game it was also a disappointing loss as well. We all were being good sportsman and saying good game to them even though we lost. Patrick said “3 cheers for Sylvia Park.” and we all said “Hooray” 3 times.

We waited for a while again until our last game. The team that we were going to verse was Bailey Road. It was also hard to block this time because the goal shooter was very tall. During the game I still tried to defend my best.

When the game was over it was also a tie. So that day we had 2 ties. At the end of that game for the last time we all lined up and shook hands with them and said good game. For the last game JT said “3 cheers for Bailey Road” and we all said “Hooray” 3 times.

After that we all sat down and ate our snacks and sandwiches. I was really hungry because I had been playing all day..
My favourite highlight from, the tournament was having a tie with the other teams because we hadn’t had any experience with Netball before.

Saturday, 8 June 2013


“Now can we go Dad?” I said as we got into the car. “Yes” Dad replied to me. We drove off and I was overly joyful because we were going to the Auckland ZOO. We were going to the Auckland ZOO because it was the company where my dad works birthday. My sister Sana also worked there so she met some friends there too.

First of all we went home to get changed because we had just come back from church.

We were off to the ZOO and as we were getting there I just couldn’t wait to see all the different animals like a Tiger, a Meerkat, a Rhino, a Cheetah, a Lion, a Zebra and a Giraffe. As I was thinking of all the different animals in my head we were finally at the ZOO. It was very cold as we got out of the car, but I was just too excited to be cold.

As we got to the entrance we all took a family picture with a green piece of material that was behind us. After that we all headed off to the function place.

On the way to the function place we I saw a Tiger, it was tall and had sharp teeth and long whiskers, it was just as big as the Lions.

When we got to the function I was super hungry and I could smell the food, so that made me extra hungry. When we went inside the tent we saw a table set up and some face painting. My little sister Angeline stood in line with my dad because she wanted a butterfly on her face.

Next we went to find a seat inside the tent but we didn’t find any inside so we just found a seat outside next to the tent and we just settled there.

Next my mum said that the food looked like it was ready so we lined up with my sister Sana and my other sister Sonya. I didn’t get much because I'm not a big eater but after I finished my food I was still hungry.

We all went out to explore the animals and play after lunch. The first animal that we saw was the pigs. There were only two pigs but they were huge. They snorted loud like thunder making huge sounds from the sky.

We followed the map which lead up to the Meerkats but we couldn't see the Meerkats when suddenly one jumped out of  a hole and the other one popped out of another hole. They were really skinny and they had small eyes and they were pretty tall.

Next we followed the map to where we ended up at this very big building which had a screen and on the screen were some trees and plants. The nature surrounded around the trees was beautiful. Inside the building was some seats so we sat there for a while and relaxed for a little bit.

After a while we headed off again. We followed the map again and we ended up at the hippos the hippos were really big they looked funny. When we finished looking at the hippos my dad said that we could see 2 more animals and then we had to leave.

The next animal we saw was a Giraffe. The Giraffes were big and tall, I saw some people feeding the Giraffes. They had really long tongues.

The last animal that we saw was the Lions. When we got to the habitat the Lion was roaring very loudly and was just sitting under a nice shady tree. It started to rain so we all had to stay under the shade until the rain had stopped.

Eventually the rain stopped and we all could head back to the function place. When we got there I was sad to leave because I was going to miss the ZOO. As we left we got to buy the photo that we took in the beginning, it has a background with a Giraffe, the Tigers, some seals and an Elephant. I really enjoyed going to the ZOO because I got to see all the different animals. My favourite animal that we saw that day was the Giraffes because they were the tallest animals that I have ever seen.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Symbols of the Holy Spirit

Maths Learning Week 5

We are learning to solve fractions using multiplication and division.

How many?
½ of 24 =
2 x 12 = 24✔
⅕ of 60 =
5 x 12 = 60✔
⅓ of 18 =
3 x 6 = 18✔
⅔ of 27 =
3 x 9 = 27
9 / 2 = 4.5
⅗ of 30 =
5 x 6 = 30
6 / 3 = 2
⅙ of 36 =
6 x 6 = 36✔
⅜ of 56 =
8 x 7 = 56
7 / 3 = 2.5✔

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Spirit of Truth

We have been learning about being the Spirit of Truth and being a good role model out in the playground.  Here is the movie my group and I made about doing exactly that.