Saturday, 9 November 2013

Prompt Writing 6

“Come on Buster and Josh let’s go for a walk to the Beach. ” Kyle said clapping his hands. “Okay I’ll go get the collars.” Christine said walking from the hallway. “Roof roof.” They both replied.

Once upon there were 2 dogs named Buster and Josh (Buster the White Dog, Josh the Black Dog). They were like best friends in the whole entire world. They would play Fetch and Chase, they also loved to Chase each others Tails. Their owners names were Kyle and Christine,they loved their Dogs. They thought that they were the smartest Dogs in the world.

One day Kyle suggested that they should go on a walk so Christine grabbed the Collars, got their Coats and some Squeak incase the Dogs wanted to play. When they set they headed off for their walk Christine held Buster’s Collar and Kyle held Josh’s Collar. “Phew, it sure is a hot day” mumbled Christine. “It sure is, should we go to the Beach?” asked Kyle. “I don’t see why we shouldn’t!”

So Kyle, Christine, Buster and Josh changed direction and walked to the Beach. 10 Minutes later they had arrived at the Beach. “Ahhh, look at those waves Christine, they sure look cool enough to swim in! Don’t they?” questioned Kyle. “They sure do!” replied Christine.

So Christine took Buster and Josh down to the shore and gave them 2 Squeak Toys, 1 for each of them. They both went for the long Squeaky Toy and then there became a problem. They both wanted the Long Squeaky Toy so they started to pull the Toy and it looked like it was going to break.

“Oh no look at Buster and Josh, their fighting over the Squeaky Toy.” Kyle complained. “We should probably go give them another Squeaky Toy” Christine said sighing. So Kyle and Christine jumped up and grabbed 1 more Squeaky Toy and then when Buster saw the Squeak Toy that Kyle was holding he let go of the Squeaky Toy and grabbed the Squeaky Toy off Kyle and continued playing.

“Yay, they are not fighting over the Squeaky Toy anymore” Christine said in happiness. 10 Minutes later Kyle and Christine decided that it was time to go back home. Christine whistled and Buster and Josh came running to Christine. Kyle pulled out their Collars and put them on their necks and they walked back home.

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