Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt Writing 5

“Come on Christle let’s go to the Cafe.” Jack said in a hurry. “Ok let’s go.” Replied Christle. “Where are we going ?” Asked John. “We are going to the Cafe.” Answered Christle.

Once upon a time, there were 3 best friends and they were going to the Cafe on a nice hot Sunny day. “Which Cafe should we go to Star Cafe or the Golden Cafe.” Asked Christle. “I think that we should go to the Star Cafe, I like their Mochaccino.” Replied John. “Yeah me too.” Added John.

So the 3 best friends went to the Star Cafe to grab 2 Mochaccinos and 1 Coffee. After they had ordered. They all sat down outside the Cafe and had their first sip of their Delicious Beverages. “Ahhhh, this Mochaccino is the best.” Said John in delight. “I know they make the best Mochaccinos.” Added Jack.

But when Christle had a sip of her drink she started to look weird. Her wonderful Blonde hair were Pony Tails and she was wearing Glasses. “Christle!! What happened to you?” Jack said in horror. She just looked at Jack and said “who are you?” “I am Jack your best friend.” Jack said confused. “Do you remember me, i’m John your other best friend.” He said with hope. “Ummm, no.” “What happened to you!!” They both said.”

So the 3 best friends that turned into 2 best friends all left with a hurry to Jack’s House to figure out a solution. “She must of changed when she had a sip of the Coffee!!” John said. “But how??” Replied Jack. “I don’t know.” Jack answered.

After when they were both trying to find out the Solution, Jack’s Mum came and she said “hi” to Jack, John and Christle.” Hello.” Jack and John replied back. “What happened to Christle.” She asked with confusion. “We don’t because we went to Star Cafe and she ordered a Coffee and when she sipped it she turned, wel tot his!! Jack said walking around in circles. “Ohhhh, I know how to fix this problem. Jack’s Mum said. “How, HOW!! John and Jack said nearly begging on their Knees. Christle was just sitting on a Chair in the Lounge looking really confused. So then the Mum started “ well first you need to go outside and then you need to go outside and get the Garden Blower and blow it on Christle. Then that will be how to fix her. “Thanks.” They both said.

Then they ran outside got the Garden Blower made Christle stand still and when they blew it on her she turned back to her normal-self. “Yay! She’s back.” they both said. “What happened?” Christle asked with confusion. Then Jack spoke. “Well it’s a long story but we’ll tell it to you when we get into the House.” So after this the 3 best friends went inside the House and had some Coffee.

The End.

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