Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day Writing!!

I am going to be writing about my Mother.

My mother has black eyes and beautiful hair. My mother has got brown highlights in her hair that makes her look like the most beautiful woman in the world!! Every time I SEE my mother I see a beautiful, awesome and loving person.

In the mornings, whenever I have to wake up, I always HEAR my mum’s voice. Her voice will be as screechy as a car with bad brakes. But when she is in a good mood her voice can be as wonderful as enjoying a nice block of chocolate.

In the weekend her my mum’s baking TASTES delicious! My mum loves to bake and she is really good at baking. Her specialties are Brownies, Cupcakes and Loafs of Bread. They taste just as sweet as Candy and I love, love, love, love Candy!!
When my Mum walks past me and I SMELL her perfume it smells just as better as her baking!! She has a lot of perfumes but 1 of her perfumes smell as though I was in heaven. But even when she isn’t wearing any perfume she still smells as though I am in heaven.

Whenever I TOUCH my Mum when I am hugging her it feels like as though I have a loving and caring Mother that will always support me and be there for me.

Monday, 5 May 2014

The Breakers!!

Everyone rushed like a herd of Elephants to Lineup as soon as the hand bell rang. We were extremely excited for this special event. This event was that the New Zealand Breakers were coming to our school!!

On a awesome Monday afternoon there was a good vibe because everybody was really excited for the New Zealand Breakers to come!! It wasn’t the whole team coming it was just 2 people. The 2 people were Duane Bailey and Daryl Corletto. Duane’s position was Power Forward and Daryl’s position was Shooting Guard. DUane was from West Auckland, New Zealand and Daryl was from Melbourne, Australia.

This was a really awesome opportunity for us and we really enjoyed it. After the hand bell rang everybody settled down and Mr Coakley reminded us about having good manners and being respectful to our visitors. When Mr Coakley finished his reminder we were escorted by our teachers to the Tennis Courts. When they had finally arrived everybody was freaking out because they couldn’t believe that it was actually them!! They were extremely tall and their shoes were gigantic!!

They also came with a bag of Basketballs. When we all settled down Daryl and Duane finally spoke. They said that people could win the Basketballs with their signatures!! People were really excited for this. But we had to play games and compete to win.

We played 4 games and my favourite game was Dribble tag. In this game there were 6 people that had to dribble around with the basketball, while running and trying to tag people. If you got tagged then you are out and then you will have to sit down. This is my favourite game because I had a lot of fun during it.

At the end we also did a little Quiz. We had to answer the questions and if we got it right then we would win a wrist band. When everything was over we had a few photos and Duane and Daryl was kind enough to sign our School Hats and our books. Some people only got 1 signature and some people were lucky enough to get both of their signatures.

My highlight of the day was playing all of the games because I felt like it will really help us with our Basketball skills. I felt really pleased because this was really fun. To me this was a really cool experience and I will just like to thank the people that could give this opportunity to us.