Friday, 15 November 2013

Film Festival 2013!!!!

“I am a little nervous.” I said to Patrick with my hands sweating.” “I’m not nervous at all” he replied to me. “Wow then you must be brave” I answered.

On a fabulous, sunny day St Pius X Catholic School were going to  the Movies. “I am excited!” My friends said with happiness. “Well I am a little nervous” I said reminding myself. “Well don’t be nervous we will all be supporting you” they said with a smile on their faces cheering me up. “Thanks you guys are the best.” I was nervous because Patrick and I were going to present our Movie which was called ‘Success’. The Room 3 students did it all by themselves and we were all proud of our Movie.

Just as I said ‘thanks’ Miss G opened the door and then she spotted me. She said, “Alecia after when the bell has rung you and Patrick have to go to Mr Coakley because he will be taking you to Sylvia Park”. “Ok,” I replied.

After that Miss G walked out of the room. A few minutes later the bell rang and that reminded me that I had to go to Mr Coakley and grab Patrick as well. I found Mr Coakley and we had to go in the hall. When we had got into the Hall all the students were there and looked excited.

First Mrs Williams said a prayer to start us off and Mr Coakley took Patrick, Samantha, Fiapo and I to his car so we could go with him. When we were all ready we headed off to Sylvia Park. “Are we going to presenting 3 times?” I asked Patrick. “Yes we are.” he replied back. On the way we listened to the Jam Bus CD that St Pius had produced. Mr Coakley loves listening to our Music.

Later on when we had arrived at Sylvia Park I got out of the car to get some fresh air, which felt a lot better. Just when everybody had got out of the car we crossed the road and Mr Coakley  told us to stay together. It sure was a beautiful day.

When we had entered Sylvia Park we turned to the right and kept on walking. We had seen the Escalator so we travelled up it and walked through the entrance, it smelt like Popcorn. We met up with a lady that led Patrick, Samantha, Fiapo and I to Cinemas 2.

“Oh look, people are already here and practising” I said with surprise. “Maybe we are going to practise as well” Patrick replied. Just as he said that I was getting more nervous because I was scared that I might mess up, but I still tried to keep my cool, I just went with the flow.

When we went down and we sat down on a chair 2 more people had practised and then it was time for Patrick and I to practise. I was getting more and more nervous because I kept thinking of all of things that I could do wrong. There was no ladder so we just had to pull ourselves up. The spotlight came on us, then Patrick said quietly 1, 2, 3. We started and we both had to say ‘Success.’ When it came to my part I said my part just as we had practised. When Patrick and I finished our little practise I was so relieved. I had gained confidence in myself and I was as ready as ever. After 2 more groups had practised the Schools started to gather in the Cinema. The lady told us to stop practising otherwise it would ruin the surprise.

When I looked at how many children were gathering in the Cinema I started to get nervous again because I saw so many children gathering around. Soon got over my fear when every school were in the right seat and we started. Mr Coakley came up and introduced everything. “This is the 6th annual Film Festival” Mr Coakley said. “Gee’s that must of been a lot” I gasped.

After Mr Coakley had done his speech the Introduction came up on the screen and the first people to present were PATRICK AND I!!!! Ahhhh I was nearly going to scream!!! I breathed in and out, in and out.

The Spotlight came on and that was Patrick and I’s queue to get up on the stage. Patrick went up first then I followed. When we had got onto the stage all I heard were shouts for us. “Wow maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all” I said to myself. “Success” we both said with expression. “We are from Room 3 at St Pius X Catholic School” Patrick said looking calm. “Our Movie is all about Success” I said keeping my cool. “What is Success?” Patrick asked looking at me. “Well it can come in all different types. Check out our movie to find out!” I answered to him and the audience. “Success” we said to finish it off together.

We gave the microphones to the lady next to the stage and we jumped off at the other side. “Yayyy, I actually made it through without messing up.” I said to myself. After this the Movie started Patrick and I sat down and watched Room 3’s awesome Movie. “Wow, we did a really great job with our Movie!!” I said to myself.

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  1. Hi Alecia
    Love the Writing,
    I'm sure that you must of love Presenting.
    I'm very Proud of you....
    Keep up the great work:-)