Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Recount: Our Warriors Visit!

The school bell rang and everyone ran in a hurry with excited faces. So I ran with them as well. It was the morning so I did not know what was so exciting about it. When everyone settled down I saw what the excitement was all about.

There were 2 Warrior visitors and a lady next to them. The 2 warrior visitors were Ken Maumalo and David Bhana. The ladies name was Katie and she was there with the visitors as well. So as usual we said our school prayer and the visitors introduced themselves.

After the exciting introduction we played a game. How to play the game is first of all someone will pick a card and not show the person who is trying to guess what is on the card. Then that person will ask us questions that will only answer to yes and no. Eg: is this card a vege? Then we will answer either yes or no.

So we played this game a few times and there were a few laughs and a few people won some prizes. Like Warrior water bottles and warrior rugby balls. This was quite fun for me.

Then the next activity was that the 2 players played a little game with the Year 7 & 8 boys while the rest of the school watched. I found this very entertaining and kept on watching. Unfortunately that was the last activity and we finally moved onto questions.

A lot of the questions were interesting. Finally our experience came to an end and we ended it with a thank you and some photos. During this experience my highlight was when the Year 7 and 8 boys played some drills. This is because it was the most entertaining for me.

After this experience I also felt very excited because it was the Warriors! Who wouldn’t get excited if it was the warriors! Now I can't wait for the future and if we will get the chance to visit the warriors again!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Maori Language Week: The Story of Creation

Kia ora and welcome to Maori Language Week! For our Maori Activity we had to find one Maori Legend and our Maori Legend is the Story of Creation. Also known as how Ranginui and Papatuanuku got seperated.  Rangi and Papa got separated from their children. Their children were Tu, Tane, Tawhirir, Tangaroa , Rongo and Haumia. So then after that we had to illustrate a picture of the story, to explain the story. Our whole group worked together. Then we found a Maori song to sing, and that song was Aoteroea by Stan Walker. They seperated their parents because they wanted to see light and to see what the world was like.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Basic Facts Results #3

Screenshot 2015-07-24 at 12.28.46 PM.pngScreenshot 2015-07-24 at 12.28.36 PM.png
For today's basic facts test I got 29/40 and it took me 1 minute and 35 seconds. Next time I hope to get more questions right.

My Recount: The Trip to the Movies!

Waking up was such a hassle, I was so tired. I went sleep late since it was the holidays. I tried to get up but was so tired and was so comfortable. It was as snug as a bug in a rug! Finally I woke up dreadfully. Then I had just realised that we were going to the movies. I looked at the clock it was 7.30 am and the movie started at 9.50 am.

Well first of all we had to clean up before we leave and secondly we had to go shower. Just keep in mind that we have 8 people living in our house! Lastly before we head to the movies we have to go to Pak’n’Save to buy some snacks. So it was a lot of things to do before we had to head to the actual movies. We were going to watch the new Minions movie.

Later on after all the struggle of cleaning up and everyone trying to get to the shower we finally made it to the Cinemas. And we met my Aunt and her family at the Cinemas as well, they were joining the fun as well. My little cousin and sister were as happy as a clam, they were extremely excited. So we bought our tickets and our popcorn. We didn’t really need the snacks because we already bought them. We bought drinks, lollies, chocolates and chips. We all got into our seats and it was as dark as coal. But we eventually got everything organised.

The movie started and I was ready for it. But occasionally I had to go toilet. And from time to time, had the craving to eat some popcorn and eat some chocolate. Then after the movie we all left the Cinemas. I asked my sister what she thought about the movie and it she said that it was very boring for her. So she was basically saying that it was like watching grass grow! I thought that the movie was hilarious! But that’s alright because that’s her opinion.

Then meanwhile after the movie I was very tired. My highlight of today was when we just got into the Cinema because it got we really excited! And today I felt overwhelmed with joy because I got to watch a awesome movie and I got to watch it with my family, now I can’t wait for next time that I go to the movies!

My Recount: St. Patrick's Cathedral

It was 11.25 all 4 students got up, clean our workplaces and headed off into the hallway. Mrs Pole our reliever teacher helped us tidy up our uniforms. We needed to look neat if we were going to represent our school. So we headed to the office and Mr Coakley (the school's principal) walked out, “are you guys ready?” he asked. “Yep, yes, yeah,” we all replied and off we headed.

Yesterday Tokilupe, Patrick Seuati and I were going with our principal to represent our school. We were going to the St. Patrick’s Cathedral to attend a mass. St. Pius X School were part of a Charitas foundation and we were going to receive a certificate for our school.

We all jumped in the car with Seuati in the front. Tokilupe and Patrick on the sides and I was in the middle. I took an Ipad to take some photos. On our way to the Cathedral it was so exciting. We all basically just talked the whole way there! It was so fun and I felt very excited. We parked on a very high building.

But we had to run all the way there because we parked quite far away from the cathedral. So we ran and ran and we finally made it to the Cathedral it was very beautiful and big. The Cathedral was white and the inside were a nice shade of brown. It had a lot more detail to their Cathedral than to our Church.

So we found ourselves a seat and sat down. Their Mass was very similar to our Church’s mass. Then following on after the mass we all went to another building for some morning tea. We all walked into the building and it was really packed with a lot of people talking.

So we got some food and we just starting eating. After all the food were gone, it was time for Bishop Pat to announce the certificates. Well when Bishop Pat said St. Pius X Primary, we were all very shocked. This is because Mr Coakley said that we were not going to receive a certificate. So we received the certificate and walked back to Mr Coakley. “Sir I thought that we weren’t going to receive a certificate?” I asked. “Well I just decided to keep it as a surprise.” He answered.

So shocked and happy we all walked out of the building and made our way to the car. On the way back to the car we all played on the Ipad and just talked as usual. But I just admired the beautiful day.

That day my highlight was the ride back because everyone seemed really happy. And at the end of the day I felt honoured and happy. I hope that I will get to get another opportunity again!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Lectio Divina Prayer

Today is the start of Term 3 and this morning for Religious Education I learnt how to pray the Lectio Divina Prayer. So this morning we read Colossians Chapter 3, Verse 12 - 15. What I think about this prayer is that it is very interesting because this is a new and difficult way of praying to me.

Dear Lord, you have said that we have to clothe ourselves with compassion. So please help me to show other people compassion and also help me to show compassion in everything I do.


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Holiday Writing: Going to the Cinemas

Yesterday we got to go to the Movies to watch the Minions movie. I was so excited but had to wake up early, because the movie started at 9.50 am. So we had to get up and clean the house first then we would go for our showers.

When we got to Sylvia Park we went to Pak'n'Save to get some snacks, like chips, lollies, chocolates and drinks. After that we headed to the Cinema. When we got the Cinema we went to the Arcade Room it was really cool because they had new games. We also met our Aunt and her family as well because they were coming with us as well.

Anyway it was pretty empty when we got there but the line progressively got longer and longer. So we were pretty lucky to get there early. After getting our Popcorn and tickets we headed into eh cinema I was very excited and sat next to my sister because we were sharing the same Popcorn.

Throughout the Movie it was very funny and interesting as well. Then after the movie we all headed back to home and then just played video games. My highlight of today was watching the movie because it was so hilarious. I also felt very happy because I got to spend time with my family. I hope that next time I go to the Cinemas I can get to watch a movie called Paper Towns.  

Friday, 3 July 2015

Last Day of Term 2!

Today was the last day of Term 2! I am sad and happy at the same time. I am sad because I will miss seeing my friends at school everyday and I am happy because I am finally able to have a break. My highlight for Term 2 is being able to have the swimming pool because it was loads of fun!

Learning Highlights of Term 2!

This is a video of my Learning Highlights of Term 2!

Reflection Video of Term 2

This is a Reflection Video of Term 2.