Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Maths Learning for Today

Today for our Maths I did a activity in my book. I had to figure out how many more of that ingredient that I would need to make the cake. Example: I have 200g of Butter. And I will need 500g. So I will need 300 more grams of butter, because 200 + 300 = 500.

Writing Based On A Picture

In this picture we are all standing up waiting for the people to come to shore so that we can greet and welcome them. Then the leaders will start doing there Haka. The leaders are the children on the shore. While the rest of the 2,000 children will sing E Oho. The rest of the children are on the bank. We all had to stand up proud and still.

Monday, 30 March 2015

The Waiata!

Today between 9.00 am and 10.30 am the whole school were not at school in the morning. We were out at Pt England Reserve for the exciting arrival of 2 wakas. This event was held on March the 25th of 2015. There were 12 other schools there. Including Pt England School, Tamaki College, St. Patricks School, Glenbrae and others. There were around 2,000 other children there. Which was quite exciting!

Unfortunately we had to walk all the way there. Which was pretty tiring but at the end we got there. But we were all very dehydrated when we got there. When we got there we got settled in and I got the honours of taking the photos and videos. We got to sing 3 Maori Songs that we practised very hard with. And we got to watch the leaders lead us in a haka.

In the beginning somebody blew there horn to us. Then somebody from our side blew a horn back. People might think that they are just blowing their horns for fun; but I think different. I reckon, that they were sending messages to each other.

There were 4 leaders that were from our school as well. All the leaders were lined up on the beach, while all the other students were laid out on the bank. There were speakers all around the place; so that we could hear the speeches as well.

I enjoyed taking a lot of pictures and videos. I also enjoyed listening to the speeches. Even though most of them were in Maori. There were some visitors from the wakas that came to shore and we greeted them as well. They greeted us back by singing Maori songs. And just like them we replied back. Then at the end, every child got to shake the visitors hands. It was quite cool and it was a good feeling.

At the end we got to go and bus to home! Which was a relief for me because my legs were killing me; from standing to take the photos. But I think that all that hard work payed off. When we were on the bus I just reflected on the morning that we had.

Today I felt very proud and joyful. I felt proud, because I was very lucky and proud to be apart of this special part of history. And I was joyful because I had enjoyed myself today. My highlight of the day was being able to watch the wakas. I was happy about that because something about the wakas; made me smile every time I saw them. And the image of the wakas will never erase from my head!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Music Notes

Today we have learnt how to read music notes. We learnt about Treble Clefs, Staffs, notes like E, G, B, D and Fruit. And this is just a picture of a music sheet that I figured out the notes to. 

Friday, 20 March 2015

My Phobias!

This is a presentation about all my Phobias and other kind of Phobias. I hope that you enjoy!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Writing Learning

Today for our Writing Learning we were learning how to understand different types of Sentences. The sentences that we were identifying are the Compound Sentences, Complex Sentences and Simple Sentences.
Compound Sentence - A Compound Sentence would include the words for, and, so, but, or and yet.
Complex Sentence - A Complex Sentence is made up of 2 independent clauses or more to make a sentence. Example: Because I love grammar, I love this class.
Simple Sentence - Example: I have a pet dog named Sheryl.

Other Titles For Jesus

Monday, 16 March 2015

MoveNote (Soul Friend)

This MoveNote is a MoveNote that I have done with my Soul Friend. It will tell you things about my Soul Friend and I. I hope that you will enjoy.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Maths Learning

For my Homework I have also done Maths. But this time I have done it on MoveNote I hope that you will enjoy and learn something!

Maths Learning (Compensation Strategy)

For Maths today I was learning how to use Compensation Strategy to figure out my equations. I hope that you will enjoy!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hokule'a 40th Anniversary!

Today for expressive writing I am going to talk about Hokule'a 40th Anniversary.

Hokule’a is not a plane or a car, it is a canoe. Hokule’a actually means ‘Star of Gladness’ in Hawaiian. It was taken off from the shores of Kāne‘ohe Bay on O‘ahu. It was built to help bring people momentum to the Hawaii.

Then between the years of 1975 - 2000. Hokule’a sailed 6 huge voyages. Hokule’a travelled to the Polynesian Triangle, to New Zealand and to Rapa Nui.

Hokule’a brought the language of Hawaii, the culture of Hawaiian, Dancing, Chanting and Singing. So on the 8th of March Hokule’a could finally celebrate 40 great years.

Now to celebrate the 40 years there are going to be festivals. To celebrate the wonderfulness and happiness that Hokule’a has brought!

Maths Prototec Test Results #2

I timed myself and it took me 1:44. But next time I will hope to get 40/40.
I got: 37/40
Screenshot 2015-03-11 at 10.18.00 AM.png

Screenshot 2015-03-11 at 10.17.15 AM.png

Following Jesus' Foot Steps

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Jesus' Mission

Maths Prototec Test Results #1

This time I timed myself and it took me 1:47. Next time I will hope to improve in my time.
I got: 39/40

Screenshot 2015-03-10 at 11.38.50 AM.png

Expressive Writing (Netball)

Today I am going to be writing about Netball!
In netball there are players. There can only be 7 players from each team at all times. There can only be 7 players on each team at all times because there is only 7 positions. Those positions are Center C, Goal Shoot GS, Goalkeeper GK, Wing Attack WA, Wing Defence WD, Goal Attack GA and Goal Defence GD. All of these positions are important in their own way.

You can stop your partner from getting the ball by defending. That’s when Goal Defence, Wing Defence and Goalkeeper come in. There job is to defend their partner from getting the ball. Center, Wing Attack, Goal Attack and Goal Shooter either have to try and get the ball, or get the ball in the hoop. Goal Attack and Goal Shooter are allowed to shoot.
To get the game started when the umpire blows the whistle the person who is playing Center has to jump into the circle and pass the ball to anybody that’s in that’s persons team. The other positions can not step over the line if the whistle has not been blown.

In the game of Netball there are specific places that positions are not allowed to go. There are 3 parts that make up a netball court. Example: Center is allowed to go everywhere except for the semi-circles. There are also rules like you have to be 3-feet away from your opponent and you are not allowed to run with the ball.

The objective of the game is to try and get the ball to the other side of the court so that your Goals Shoot can shoot the ball into the hoop. The team with the most points win. To play netball you need to be able to move fast so that you don’t get blocked from your partner.

In netball there are things that you need like a netball ball, a court, a hoop, a uniform, a team/players and an umpire. Also to play the game netball you need to be able to know the rules. The rules are pretty simple you can only hold the ball for 3 seconds, you can’t travel with the ball and you have to stay 3 feet away from your opponent.

I wrote about Netball because I love to play netball. I hope that people want to see that.

Reading Activities

05.03.2015 Spelling
  1. Suspension
  2. Whooping
  3. Sarcastic
  4. Bales
  5. Bucked
  6. Splintered
  7. Plummet
  8. Jabbed
  9. Loomed
  10. Sloshed

05.03.2015 Specific Verbs
  1. “ Yesterday I tried out for the wrestling team.”
  2. “Today after school I went swimming with my family.”
  3. “I woke up and then I found myself stretching.”
  4. “I went in the garage I was so angry, I saw a punching bag so I just decided to just start kicking and punching it.”
  5. “I looked in the distance I saw a figure move but then it vanished into the thin air.”
  6. “The festival was huge and everyone was yelling.”
  7. “When I walked in everyone was twirling and spinning.”
  8. “I was in a rush so hustled through the door and through the crowd of people.”
  9. “He pushed me so I grabbed his arm and pulled him back.”
  10. “She was drowning quick so I plunged in the water.”

05.03.2015 Similes and Metaphors
One of the similes are, “the bridge was so cold, that it shook.”

04.03.2015 Sentence Structures
One of the Sentence Structure are simple, complex and compound.

04.03.2015 Re-reading the Story
One of the features in this Recount Writing/Story is the organisation and the punctuation. I realized the organisation because of the paragraphs and how the story is set.

04.03.2015 Evidence
The purpose of the story is to tell a story about how Cousins come together to mend their relationship by rescuing somebody. I think that this is true because of a sentence in the story, “Jake grinned, and somehow I knew I’d never have to worry about his wrestling holds again.

03.03.2015 Vocabulary Investigation
  • Stronger
  • Hurt
  • Panicking
  • Growing

04.03.2015 The Features of a Story
The features in a story is the who, what, when, where, why and how.
WHO was in the story? - Jake and his Cousin.
WHAT happened in the story? - Jake and his cousin was going to a river, but then a truck falls into the water and drowns. But then Jake and his cousin save the driver and mend their relationship together.
WHEN did this happen? - This event happened during the Summer Holidays.
WHERE did this take place? - This accident took place at a river.
HOW did they feel when the event happened? - They felt like panicking when the truck drowned in the water.
WHY did the truck drown in the water? - It drowned because the truck was crossing a very unsteady bridge. So then the bridge broke apart when the truck crossed it.

Jesus Heals a Possessed Boy