Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Maths: Ratio Goal - Achieved!

Animoto - What did I learn in Maths today?
This morning in Maths my learn was... to able to simplify ratios to its simplest form. I achieved this goal and created an Animoto video to use as evidence. I hope that you will learn something from this video too!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Religious Education: St Pius X

Our patron Saint is St Pius X. These are 3 facts about him that interests me and why they interest me. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Video: Fairness!

Yesterday my group (Leka, JT, Pio) and I created a video showing fairness. We first story boarded how we would show fairness. Then recorded it throughout the school. We hope that you enjoy!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Narrative Writing: The Library Book

“Mum! Have you seen my library book anywhere?” I shouted from my room. “No honey, have you checked in the kitchen?” She replied. “Yes! I’ve looked everywhere, but I still can’t find it!” I responded. “Keep trying honey.” Typical Mum response, great I was on my own. I searched my room thoroughly one more time. Nothing. My library book was due today! If I didn’t return it, then I would have to pay $20 and I was not going through that again.

I went to the living room, again and searched the entire place. From the computer stand to under the couches. Again, nothing. I sighed and took off to my Grandpa’s room. “Hey Grandpa, have you seen my library book anywhere? Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?” I asked. “Sorry I don’t think so.” He said scanning the room. “Thanks, anyway.” I said before taking off to my Mum and Dad’s room. “Hey Dad have you seen my library book anywhere?” I asked, for the third time. “Sorry, don’t think so.” He said scratching his head. “Have you seen my sports shoes?” “Nope sorry” I replied. So off again I ran to the kitchen.

“Mum I can’t find it anywhere!” I shouted collapsing on the chair. “Honey have you checked on the kitchen table?” She asked still stirring the noodles on the stove. “Yes! I have a million times. But it’s not...” I stopped in mid sentence. Behold, there it was, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, sitting in the middle of the table. “What were you saying?” My Mum asked smiling, her mischievous smile. “Never mind” I replied and picked up the book and left to my room.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Narrative Writing: The Misunderstanding

Sentence starter: I found a strange package by the door...
On Monday afternoon after school. I looked at it funny because we never get packages so I went to look at it. Ignoring the address and name I looked at the sides of the box. It was written in another language that I couldn’t describe. I quickly devoured my cookies and inspected the box. It was quite large, with sellotape stuck on weird places and different writing.

“I wonder who’s this for?” Then it hit me, what if it’s a top secret package, for someone in our family. What if that person is a cop, no better a spy! What if there are guns and armour in there. No, what if it's, a bomb! Sent from one of my family members enemies on one of their secrets missions. What if it’s about to explode! I looked at the box, then to the living room, wondering what to do. I didn’t know what to do!

Knock, knock, knock. I suddenly heard, I snapped back to reality and opened up the door. It was the mailman “excuse me sorry miss, but I seemed to have brought the wrong package here, it wasn’t to Livingston St 34, it was Livingston St 33.” I looked at the package ‘Livingston Street 33, Mr Michael Beckett' it read. I slowly gave the package back to the mailman. “Sorry again,” said the mailman before walking off to the Beckett’s. I slowly walked back to the living room plopped down on the sofa and pretended that nothing had happened.
Screenshot 2016-08-18 at 12.48.29 PM.png

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Inquiry Learning: Archery (Presentation)

For Inquiry Learning this week, I had to choose one sport from the Olympics to study. I have chosen archery. This is because archery is a sport that has always interest me and a sport that I have always wanted to learn.

Inquiry Learning: Archery (Padlet)

Monday, 15 August 2016

Maths: Ratio Achieved Evidence

Links that I used: Word Problems, Blendspace Ratio
My goal was to confidently solve ratio problems. I achieved this goal and my next goal is to confidently solve ratio and rates problems. Along with ratio and proportions problems.

Maths: Infograhic - Prototec Results Update

Screenshot 2016-08-15 at 9.50.13 AM.png
This is my Prototec Results Update from last week. These are my scores on Stage 8 for the last 4 weeks.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Writing: Cross Country Practise

Before lunch Room 7 along with Room 5 and 3 went for our daily cross country practise. We had to run 2 laps and then come back to the start. Throughout the run I started to get a bit tired. Especially where the hills were, but I tried to keep up and encourage the other people who were walking to start jogging. At first I was running with Malia but she stopped so I kept going. I soon ran past my friends and encouraged them to start running as well. What I enjoyed from the run was the nature that I was surrounded by. It put my mind off wanting to stop and rest because it was so beautiful. I finished my 2 laps and not long after that everyone else did. So we walked back to school and got ready for lunch.


Writing: The Everyday Theatre

For the most part of the day yesterday, 2 ladies came in to talk to Room 7 and they were from a company called ‘The Everyday Theatre.’ We talked about family violence and asking for help. I learnt that family violence not only affects the parents, but the child or children badly. They feel like they can’t talk to anyone and can’t express how they really feel. In the future I hope to be able to help children of family violence.
I created a Info graph on to show my writing.


Writing: The N.E.D Show!

On Wednesday afternoon the Ned Show came to St Pius X Catholic School.

The Ned Show teaches kids how to become a champion by doing 3 important things in life. They teach kids through a fictional character named Ned. Ned is an acronym for... N - Never Give Up, E - Encourage Others, D - Do Your Best. The Ned Show has been to many countries like USA, United Kingdom etc. I found this show energetic and interesting.

It is a great way to teach kids how to become a champion in life! I thought that this show was a neat idea. My highlight from the Ned Show was when we got to learn what Ned stood for. Now my goal is to try and do all those 3 things every single day.
I created an Info Graph to show my writing.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Reading: Similarities and Differences

School Journal, Level 4, October 2015
Text to Text
I am learning to...
  • Find the similarities and differences of the main characters in the story.
I used the Infographic site called ‘’. I used a Venn Diagram to show the Similarities and Differences.
1470785267 (1).jpg

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Reading: Connection with the Text

School Journal, Part 4, Number 3, 1994 Text: Once Bitten
Text to Self
I am learning to...
  • Make any connections with the text - think of the situations and the characters.
I am going to create a Canva Infograph of how I connect with the text. An Infograph is a visual repsentation of information or data. It is also another way to present my work.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 at 7.26.25 PM.png Screenshot 2016-08-09 at 7.26.38 PM.png

Monday, 8 August 2016

Venngage: Blog Views Comparison

Link: Info Graph - Blog View Comparison
This is my Info Graph comparing Patrick, Joshua, Rosrine and my blog views. I have the most with 19,784 views, Patrick comes in second with 16,599 views, Joshua comes in third with 15,757 views and Rosrine has 13,610 views.

Maths: Info Graphic - Prototec Results

This is my Info graphic of my Prototec Stage 8  Results. I hope to be able to compare it with another person in my class.

Inquiry Learning: My Olympic Sport

This is my Google Draw of my first Olympic Journal Sport. I am following the athlete Lauren Boyle, she is a New Zealand Athlete. My next step is to compare Lauren Boyle to another Women Swimmers Athlete.

Writing: Being Smart Online

This morning Constable Gordon came in to Room 7 to talk about being Cyber-Smart and the 10 Principles of Digital Communication. It shocked me, I had no idea that New Zealand had the highest count of suicides. It made me regret saying bad things to other people.

I learnt that if someone posts something nasty about someone else, and I like it or comment, then I am involved and agreeing with that person. If I write something nasty online, then it can not be an accident because I had time to think about it and write it. Whatever I post online I can not take it back and that thought scared me. These facts made me think hard and long about what I had said to people and what I do online.

I had learnt so much from this talk. It made me feel more aware about what I put up online. Constable had taught me that Cyberbullying is something very serious here in New Zealand. This whole talk has made me regret the words that I have said to some people and has made me more aware. Next time I think about saying something nasty to someone, I am going to stop and think.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Inquiry Learning: Information About Rio!

For my Inquiry Learning I had to collect information about Rio, the host of the Olympics for this year.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Narrative Writing: If My Pet Could Speak..

I quickly jumped from my bed. Straining my ears, to listen. I could hear someone talking and going through the fridge. An intruder, I searched my room looking for a weapon. Bingo, a baseball bat. I picked it up and tiptoed all the way to the kitchen. “Aha!” I shouted, but was caught completely off surprise. Standing there was not someone, but something. It wagged it’s tail and smiled at me. “Hi!” It spoke. I was about to scream. “Wait, wait! Don’t scream!” He said to me. “This is a dream, this has to be a dream and i’m going to wake up any minute.” I told myself.

“I knew that you were going to find out eventually.” He said carrying on searching through the fridge. “No! This is not possible. You are a Corgi dog and dogs do not speak. This is just my dream. Maybe if I pinch myself I will wake up!” I pinched myself as hard as I could. But nothing happened besides a red mark on my arm. “How is this even possible!” I said amazed. “Well to be honest, I don’t know either.” He replied.
“So how long have you been like this?” “Well as long as I can remember really.” He replied. “And, can all other dogs, you know, speak?” “Umm yep pretty much.” He replied. I fell back on the chair, shocked and well speechless! My dog could talk, my Dog could talk!! It was unbelievable, extraordinary! “Hey you know, could you do me a favour and not tell your parents? You know I don’t wanna get caught or anything.” My Human speaking Dog asked me. “Sure,” I replied back slowly. “I think you better go back to sleep now.” My dog said seriously. “Sure” I replied once again, not sure what was happening.

But before I knew it, I was back in my bed. Dreaming about things that didn’t seem extraordinary to me anymore.