Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Writing Test

Today I will be explaining about a Library!

A Library is a facility that will help you with you reading. It is also a place that will connect communities and to study!

There are different types of parts to a library. The big parts are the walls, the roof, the windows, the doors & the floor/carpet. then there is the books, the shelves, the tables, the chairs etc. The main part of a library are the books. Without the books there would be no library!

A Library basically looks like a normal facility. But you will see people reading. But if the builders wanted to make the building look creative, then maybe your library looks like a huge ship! The facility of the library could be anything as long as it has the books for the members to read, because that is the main part.

Usually people that read or study use a library. But you could also use a library for a peaceful time or to relax. Maybe even to play a quiet board game. Like Chess or Checkers. But a library is definitely not used to watch a loud Rugby Game. No, you have to be silent at all times.

My special place (the library) is special to me because it can take you on imaginary rides. Whenever I read a book at a Library I feel like I’ve gone to another dimension. Then on that dimension I can see what the characters in the book can see. Example: Goldilocks & the 3 Bears. When Goldilocks ate the porridge I saw her, or when she broke the chairs I saw her. It just takes me on imaginary adventures!

A Library is important because it will help you with your education. It will also help you to learn little things like using your inside voice.

Overall I think that a Library is a great way to learn. Also to connect communities. I now hope that you now understand why a Library is special to me!