Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Netbook Reflection

Now this Year 2013 is going to be different. I have been learning with my Netbook. For me it has been difficult this year because it has been my first year using a Netbook. Now I feel more independent to do my learning.

I have to admit it wasn’t easy in the beginning of the year, I can tell you that now. But overall it has been an awesome year with Miss G. She has been a really wonderful teacher to me. I hope that she has a great year next year with her new job and new school.

It has been difficult for me because there has been a lot of hard tasks throughout the year. Like one of the hard tasks is creating a Narrative with a Online website called ‘Storybird.’ It was a hard task because it had been the first time I had used it. I had to make a Problem, Solution, Characters and a Setting. Although after going through this I finally got it.

I hope that in the future I will do better than this year. I hope that I will achieve all of my Goals. I hope that God will help me with my work and everything that I do. I know that God will help me with what I do with my Netbook.

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