Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Last Day of School for 2013!! :-)

Room 3's entry for Film Festival

Today the 17th of December it was the last day of school for 2013!! I am happy and sad at the same time because I will be missing the memories of 2013. It was the most awesome year of my life to be honest. I had a lot of highlights for 2013. One of them was at the Film Festival because it gave me goose bumps when I watched my Class's Movie. I also had a Awesome time presenting our Class Movie with Patrick. He was Awesome!!! Another one was watching our little concert in the Hall when the 2 mentoring Groups Performed, also Kids 4 Kids.

But I also wish good luck to the Year 8's students to College. I just want to say to them good luck or the next year at College. I will also miss the cool stuff we did during 2013!!! I will miss, Miss G and some other people in my Class who will be leaving to another Class, especially Victoria. There will be a lot of memories that i will miss from 2013. 

But I am also excited for my next Class for 2014, Room 6!!! I can't wait to be in Mr Slade's Class. But for 2013 all of my Classmates I will miss them. They were all awesome. Even though that this year is over, another Chapter will open next year for 2014. I am going to miss Room 3 very much. And the on the last day of being at St Pius X Catholic School for when I am Year 8 I will never forget my Classmates throughout the Years and I will never forget St Pius.


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  1. Hey Alecia, What a great piece of writing. I'm going to miss 2013 as well but I can't wait for a new year......
    God Bless


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