Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How Can You Be Hygienic?

How can you be Hygienic at School?
Runny Nose
We blow our nose into a tissue, throw the tissue in the rubbish and then wash our hands to make sure no germs are on our hands.
We cough into our elbow and then wash our hands.
After when we vomit we need to clean it up with some cleaning equipment and then wash our hands.
Going to the toilet
After when we go toilet we need to wash our hands with Soap and then dry our hands.
Keeping environment clean
After when we have eaten we have to put our rubbish scraps into the rubbish bin.
When we sweat we start to smell so we need to put on some deodorant.
Every weekend after the week we need to clean our school uniforms. If we didn’t it will smell.
After going to the toilet or coughing we need to wash our hands before going back onto our Netbooks. If we didn’t then the germs would go onto our Netbooks then it would pass onto other people.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Holiday Surprise

On a marvelous Sunday noon after church my family and I hurried to the car. We had to hurry to the car because we were going to go to a garage sale. So we left church and drove back home to get changed for the garage sale. 

When we all got changed and ready we drove off. The garage sale was at Mt Wellington. But instead of going to Mt Wellington we went to Sylvia Park. When we got into Sylvia Park we saw my Aunty Karissa and her kids. She also came with her husbands little brother his name was Christian. I said to my Dad with confusion, "what are we doing here?" He said that we were going to the Movies.

When we met together I was really thrilled because we were going to the Movies. I was wondering what we were going to watch.

So we went to the Movie Theatre and booked our tickets and seats. The Movie that we were going to watch was Despicable Me Part 2. I had already seen Despicable Me Part 1 and it was really cool so I thought that Part 2 would be really funny.

We started to buy the Food but then they were too expensive so me and my Aunty Karissa went to Pak'n'Save to buy some Ice creams. After we had bought the Ice creams my Aunty and I rushed back to the Theatre.

When we got back to the Theatre everyone was already sitting down on the couches and eating the Popcorn. While we were waiting my cousin and I went to the Arcade Room with my Dad. My Dad was playing a game, it looked really fun so I joined him.

After when my Dad and I lost and died in the game it was time to go back and wait. When we entered the Cinema it was dark as the nights sky, but we could see a little bit. When we had found our seats we all sat down and my Dad passed the Popcorn to us and we waited again.

Next we started to eat a little bit of our Popcorn and watched the advertisements that appeared on the screen. The screen was really long and wide. While the advertisements were going on the lights seemed to dime a little darker and darker and darker. When the advertisements were finished the lights went pure dark. It was silent like a Library and I was so excited. When the Movie begun there was a picture on the screen and also on the screen there were names of the people who invented the film.

The Movie was about a Villan who really becomes a spy and has a partner to protect the world. In some parts it was really funny and in some parts were really weird.

My highlight in the Movie was when another Bad Guy makes a kind of chemical that makes people or animals turn into a Purple Monster.

At the end of the Movie when everyone exited the Theatre I wished that I could watch it again because it was so hillarious and awesome.

Next time when I go to the Movies I want to see an Action Movie and enjoy eating the Popcorn and Ice Cream. =)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Term 2

During Term 2 my 2 favourite things that I did was the Holy Spirit art and Swimming. The reason why I liked these 2 things was because first I really love to paint pictures and design my own creations. Also the reason why I liked to swimming is because I love to be in the water and I also love to find different ways to swim. How I felt when I was doing art was awesome because Art is one of my favourite subjects and because I like to use paint. How I felt about swimming was  amazing because I like to backstroke and have free time at the end of the lesson.

The most least thing that I disliked for me during Term 2 was Football and the cookie thinking keys. I disliked those 2 activities was because first I don’t really like to kick and that we don’t get to touch the ball, also I don’t like the Cookie thinking keys was because really for me it wasn’t really fun and I did find some difficult and hard questions. How I felt about playing Football was exhausting because we had to move around alot and my legs kept on getting tired. How I felt about the cookie thinking keys was difficult because it was hard on some keys and really different to answer.

What I am really looking forward to Term 3 is going to the kids 4 kids concert and playing a new kiwi sport league. I am really looking forward to these 2 events because I can’t wait to perform in front of a whole crowd and I can’t wait to sing with more people and Jackie Clarke and Nathan King. I also can’t wait to play the new kiwi sport because I like to try different sports each year.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Religious Education Work

I broke my Mother's  favourite mug when I was reaching to grab something from the pantry. The first thing I did was say sorry and said to her that I will fix it. Then I tried to fix it and make it look like it was brand new again. When I had finished I was really sorry for what I had done but then at the end eventually my Mum forgave me.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Southern Lights Reading Activity Week 8

Southern Lights - Pt 3, No 1, 2005
1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.
fascinate - Fascinate means to be very attractive or interested in something.✔
karakia - What karakia means is to pray or to say prayer.✔
seize - Seize means to take hold of a person or thing suddenly or forcibly.✔

2. Find out 3 pieces of information about the Southern Lights - you might find some information and images on the internet.

1. The Southern Lights is also known as the Aurora Australis.
2. The Southern Lights and the other name for it Aurora Australis, Aurora in Latin means Sunrise.
3. you can only see the Southern Lights in the Antarctic and from areas such as Tasmania and southern parts of New Zealand.✔

3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.
a) What lets you know in the story that the story is told by the Maori?
What lets me know that this is a Maori story is that it has Maori words in the text, that it is based on Maori people and it is retold by Maori people. ✔
b) Where do you think the men were when they saw the large islands of ice in the south? Where I think they were near the antarctic or the South Pole ✔
c) Why did the people burn the waka? I think the reason why the burned the waka was because it was their way to hold a ceremony. Also to see Tama-rereti’s spirits and the young 70 chiefs spirits rise up and go into heaven. ✔

Monday, 1 July 2013

Week 8 - Melbourne, Learning

On Tuesday on Week 8 at 3:30pm Miss G and Mrs Tui left to go to Melbourne, Australia. 

While Miss G was in Melbourne, Australia she had an awesome time. She went there with 21 other teachers. The reason why Miss G and Mrs Tui went there was to see how to make our school a modern learning environment. She saw huge classrooms there and really cool rooms and stuff. In Melbourne they don't call them classrooms they called them Learning Neighborhoods. She visited 8 schools, the names of the schools she saw were Broadmeadows, Silverton Primary, Berwick Chase, Danderong High, Hume High, Meadows Primary and Broadmeadow Valley Primary. On her last day at Melbourne she went to the rugby with some other teachers, she said that it was about 1 degree. The time she flew back to New Zealand was 1:30am. 

She also said that she woke up to plenty of sunshine and had heaps of food. When she came back she bought us some tiny Koala toys. 

While she was away Room 3 had lots of fun as well but not as much as Miss G. My favorite thing that I did was make my cookie construction with my partner.