Sunday, 15 December 2013

Farewell Miss G :-)

This women in this photo right here is my Awesome Teacher of 2013, Miss G!! She has been my favourite Teacher so far and has really helped me out this year. Especially with my Netbook. But I am very sad because Miss G will be leaving St Pius X Catholic School to another step towards her career in Teaching. Room 3 will probably be her last Class she will ever Teach and Room 3 will miss her very much. She is a Brilliant Teacher and I will always memorize her. She will be leaving to Good Shepherd to become a Deputy Principal. I am happy for her for taking a step forward in her career.
I just want to say to Miss G, good luck for the coming future and career in your life. I will miss you so, so much and always memorize you in my life. 
I wish you luck for the next few years and may God Bless you!!! :-)


  1. Thank you Alecia. I will be a Deputy Principal not a Principal but I hope to be a Principal one day. Thank you for being an awesome pupil to grace my classroom, I will miss you very much too :)

  2. Thank you for being a Fantastic Teacher to me and good luck for your new job!! :-)


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