Saturday, 2 November 2013

Prompt Writing 3

“Why are we here again Ashley?” Questioned Tom. “We are here to write a report about these kinds of Tigers“ replied Ashley.

On a drowsy day Ashley and Tom went to the Zoo so Ashley could write a report about the kinds of Tigers. “I am going to make this the best Report about Tigers ever!!” Said Ashley enthusiastically. Tom just rolled his eyes and they both kept on walking.

“Now we need to find the Tigers section and see them then we are going to ask the Zookeeper some questions as well” Said Ashley. “Is this going to take long because I am hungry?“ Tom said rubbing his tummy and licking his lips. “Ok we can go get something to eat now, then we will start looking at the Tigers“ Ashley said in a hurry. So they both headed off to buy some Corn Dogs and a Drink. After their Snack they both were very full. “That was a good Snack wasn’t it Tom?“ “It was delicious” whispered Tom.

After their Snack they both headed off to the Tigers Section. When they started to walk Tom found a sign that pointed to where the Tigers were. “Oh, oh I found it” he said jumping up and down. “Where?” asked Ashley. Tom pointed to the sign and then they rushed away. “Oh my gosh, do we have to go in that cage?“ Said Tom in horror. “Yes, Tom we have to. We can do it!!” Ashley said encouragingly to Tom. “Ok. I can do it, I can do it“ chanted Tom.

For the tour people have to go in a cage tha will has wheels and you see all the different Tigers. They jumped on the cages and looked at the people. It was pretty scary. After gaining confidence Ashley and TOm stood in line waiting to go in the cage. When it was their turn to go inside the cage, they both took one step at a time. When they entered the cage Ashley said, “see, what did I say TOm? there is nothing to be afraid of.“ TOm replied, “you were right there is nothing to be afraid of” But then when it came to travelling they got really scared and when Ashley was writing notes she dropped her pen and it went through a little hole in the cage. “Oh oh, I dropped my pen TOm, what do we do??“ Tom answered, “I don’t know. Let’s think of what to do“ So they thought and thought. They thought hard. Then TOm said ” I have an idea, we can just ask the Zookeeper to get it for us“ With joy Ashley replied, “what a marvellous idea.“

Ashley asked the Zookeeper and she stepped out of the cage grabbed the Pen and then hopped back inside to continue the tour. Ashley took the pen and held onto to the Pen tight not letting it out of her sight. After the tour they both left the Zoo and the next day Ashley gave her report to her Boss and she said that it was the best Report about Tigers. Ashley and Tom were very happy.

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