Thursday, 29 August 2013

Happy Feast Day St Pius!

“ Line up and go into the church, ” said Mrs Deeney. “ Oh, wow I can’t believe that it’s today” I spoke out as I entered the church. We all sat on the seats inside the church. We were at church because it was the feast day of St Pius X. The teachers, students and families were at church  because of this very special day.  The feast day of St Pius X is on the 21st of August but we celebrated it on Friday  23rd of August, we had a full on day ahead of us.

When we sat down Hendrix went up and introduced this very special occasion.  Next came the Readings, then the Gospel etc. Father taught us more things about St Pius X and we all listened closely. After mass we all genuflected to Jesus and walked out of the church.

Miss Deeney told us to line up and walk sensibly to the hall, we were going to the hall because we were going to celebrate the feast day of St Pius X with a delicious Banana cake. We all sat down around the cake that was on the table, licking our lips and our eyes drooling at the scrumptious Banana cake. After when everybody in the hall settled Mrs Tui told us to sing ‘Happy Birthday St Pius’. We sang that song once and then Maxine and Genevieve cut the Banana cake, we all clapped with cheering and laughter. Once the cake was cut by the other girls in Room 7 we started to eat the cake. The cake was pretty big with white icing that looked and smelt like butter.

When everyone finished their cake Mrs Williams dismissed each class one by one out of the hall to have Morning Tea. After Morning Tea it was going to be St Pius’ little Concert. I was nervous, I was so nervous that my legs were shaking out of my socks. We were singing 2 Choir songs from our Kids 4 Kids concert, with our 2 soloists Ezra and Tokilupe.

After Room 1, Room 2 etc, it finally came to Room 3. oh I was as nervous as ever. My legs and teeth were shivering and shaking like crazy. When we got up we had to get into our rows by ourselves. The first song that we were going to sing was ‘Haere Mai’. I was so nervous looking at the crowd sitting down with eyes all looking at us, it was pretty scary. After the first song finished it was our 2nd song ‘Something in the Water.’ After we had sang the first song I wasn’t so scared anymore for the 2nd song. When we had sung our 2 songs we got a big, huge clap and sat back down. I was so relieved to get that over and done with.

Next was Room 6 performed with their Ukulele song and Room 7 with their  3 items. After Room 6 and Room 7’s items Mrs Williams dismissed the classes one by one out of the hall. After the Concert it was lunchtime and after lunchtime a special guest was going to come to our school. She played a very special and rare Instrument, called a Euphonium.  

I was very excited to see someone play a Euphonium because I have never seen someone play a rare Instrument before. After lunch we all sat down in the hall and waited for the special guest. After a few minutes waiting Mrs Logan stood up and introduced who the special guest was.  Her name was Linda and she goes to University with Mrs Logan’s daughter and studies music. Linda is a musician and she teaches other people how to play the Euphonium. She is full Tongan and her father taught her how to play. The Euphonium costs hundreds and thousands of dollars. Linda loves music and her favourite song is called ‘Grandfather’s Clock.’

Once Linda explained a little about herself  she played a piece and she let a student from our school play her Instrument. We asked her some questions and she answered them. She showed us a slide of pictures, they were mostly pictures of her and her family.

Eventually she left and we all waved good-bye. After she had left it was time for the Basketball Tournament, which was organised by the Te Rangatira group. The teams were by houses, the houses were Geckos, Tuis, Keas and Kiwis. Mrs Tui called out the houses one by one and we had to go with our house leader outside the tennis court.

When we got to the court we all had to get into one single line and settle. I was in Tuis and we were next to Geckos and Keas. There were some people from Room 7, Room 6 and Room 3 who played. I didn’t play because I didn’t know how to. A few minutes later the game started, the first teams who was going to be played by Tuis and Kiwis. All I could hear was a loud racket of screaming and shouting. It went silent.... Then the whistle blew, all I could hear was “Go Tuis! Go Kiwis! Go Tuis! Go Kiwis!” It was a lot of noise. The ball kept on going down, down, down the ball went back up, up, up. But then joyfully Tuis won.

The next teams to play were Geckos and Keas. At first Geckos was losing but then they got back up and won the match. After it finished school was over and everyone had to go back to their class and pack up. My favourite part of the day was having the Concert. Out of all the days at school celebrating St Pius feast day is the best day I had ever had and I never wanted it to end.

Happy Feast Day St Pius X!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Finding Fractions

LI - Find fractions of lengths, including seeing when a fraction is greater than one.

There are four people at the party and five wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/4  + 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 = 5/4
The answer is 5/4.✔
There are three people at the party and four wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 = 1 1/3
The answer is 1 1/3.✔
There are eight people at the party and two wafer. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/8 + 1/8 = 2/8
The answer is 2/8✔
There are five people at the party and four wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 = 4/5
The answer is 4/5.✔
There are two people at the party and three wafers. How much wafer will each
person get?
1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 = 1 1/2
The answer is
1 1/2.✔

Thursday, 22 August 2013

What a Disaster Reading Activity Week 4

On October the 5th 2011 a ship called ‘Rena’ sunk. It sunk because the Captain took a shortcut but didn’t realize that he ran over some rocks that wrecked the boat. On the boat was containers, most of them were filled with oil and the oil was toxic. There were about 1,700 tonnes of heavy oil and 1,300 containers on the boat.

The oil in the containers killed fish, birds and seals. It was a serious disaster. Some of the containers washed up on the beach of Mount Maunganui and most of the dead birds washed up on the beach by the waves.  On the beach was black little spots that were poison. The oil did serious damage to the sea and it polluted it quite badly and most of the fish and birds died.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Feast Day of St Pius X

On Wednesday 21 of August it is the feast day of St Pius X. His birth name is Joseph Sarto but changed his name to Pius when he became priest. When he was young he was very poor. He walked school barefoot everyday just to save his one pair of shoes. When he grew up he studied hard and took risky choices to become a Priest. 

When you become Priest you can become a Bishop, then a Cardinal and then finally a Pope. After when he became a Pope in 1903 he was not greedy with all his riches, he gave all he had to the poor, so he was poor as well as them. In 1918 when he died he said these words, " I was born poor, I have lived poor, and I wish to die poor."

The Liturgical Calendar

On the Liturgical Calendar has certain colours for certain events which tell us the events of the Catholic Church. The colours are green, yellow and purple. The events are Ordinary Time, Celebration Time and Preparing Time. Ordinary Time is green, Celebration Time is yellow and Preparing time is purple.

The feast day for St Pius is August the 21. The feast of Mary is on the 8th of September. Also Joseph’s feast day is March the 19th.

There is no particular celebration on my Birthday but it is only the the Lord’s Day. The Saint who shares the feast day with me is St Daniel on the 10th of October.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Assumption of Mary

The Assumption of Mary which is the 15 of August is when we celebrate Mary’s Heavenly Birthday. Mary is the Queen of Heaven and sits between God and Jesus in Heaven. The 15 of August long ago it was Mary’s heavenly birthday but no one ever found her body and so Pope Pius declared that Mary’s body went up to heaven as well as her soul. But no one was not so sure of that because no one found her body or knew if she was dead or not.

In the Western side they believe that Mary was in Dormition. Dormition means sleeping. They believe that Mary was sleeping while she was getting taken up to Heaven. This is not a fact because still nobody knew if she died or not.

Some think that the Assumption happened in Turkey but most believe that it happened in Jerusalem because she lived there. But still nobody knew where it happened because nobody knew where her body was. The Assumption of Mary is not like the ascendence of Jesus.

We celebrate the Assumption of Mary because it is the day that God assumed Mary into heaven, following her death, according to popular Christian belief. It is the feast day of the Virgin Mother.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Ant Army Reading Activity Week 2

It all began at the back of a schoolyard, there was a colony of ants. As the sergeant listened closely and carefully to her report. She shouted to all the female-workers, “there’s a bag in the hallway of the school go, go go!”

So the bunch of ants ran fast through the schoolyard. While they were looking they found all kinds of school stuff. Finally when they came to the hallway of the school every single bag was hanging up on a hook, except for one. When they found the bag the sergeant told them to open the bag and find some Food.

Soon they were searching and searching and searching until they came upon a Cream Donut. The sergeant shouted at them, “grab the Cream Donut and run back to the colony go go GO!” Each ant took a piece each and moved their little legs as fast as they could go. Lucky that the female-workers were strong enough to carry the Cream Donut.

When they were running back to the colony they heard the thunder of the school bell. They heard the running of elephants and they started to panic. They were running as fast as they could go when a man with a tie came and stepped on some of the ants. They crashed all over the place and ants were flying in the air. The sergeant asked them if they were ok one answered, “I’ve just got a scratch” and another said, “I’ve just got one leg missing.” 

The sergeant was lucky that none of her troops were missing. Finally the ants got back to their colony and they eventually ate the Cream Donut with all the other ants.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The 7 Sacraments

Sacrament Image
Name of Sacrament and what it means
The name of this Sacrament is Marriage. Marriage means joining together in front of God. Some Marriages might not work together but that would be really sad.
This name of this Sacrament is Holy Communion. Holy Communion is when you receive the body and blood of Christ. You will usually get this after when you have done your Confirmation and Reconciliation.
The name of this Sacrament is Confirmation. Confirmation means that you want to be a Catholic. When you do your Confirmation you have to say some words then the Priest will with the Oils.
This Sacrament is called Holy Orders. Holy Orders is when you are dedicating your life to God. You can only do this if you are becoming a Nun or a Priest
This Sacrament is Baptism. When you get baptised then you are getting welcomed into the Catholic Church. You can’t only gw your baptism when you are young you can get it whenever you want.
This is the Last Rights. The Last Rights are when you are dying and then your family calls the Priest to come and bless for the last time. You could get the Last Rights more than 1 time.
This Sacrament is Reconciliation. Reconciliation is when you are cleansing, which means that you are clearing your sins.

The Rainbow Bird

South American Pavilion                             The White-Bearded Manakin

In South America there was a beautiful Forest. In the Forest nature was so beautiful and colourful, it was unbelievable. The leaves were as green as grass, the flowers were as pink as dolls dresses and the berries were as purple as ever.

The problem was that the Birds were jealous of the nature and their colours because all the Birds were black, brown and grey, they were as dull as ever. They all tried to rub the leaves, the flower petals and splash the wonderful berries on them but nothing would ever work.

At the end of the day after it would rain a marvelous Rainbow would appear in the bright blue sky. Nothing in Nature could compare with the beauty of the Rainbow. They wished with all their Hearts that someday that they will be as colourful and as beautiful just like the Rainbow.

But then one afternoon when the Rainbow appeared in the blue sky the Rainbow looked dirty and horrid. The Birds muttered to each other about how horrible the Rainbow looked. Then suddenly a bright coloured Phoenix comes from the sky in shock. He came and sat on a Tree and started to talk to the Birds, “our Rainbow is being attacked by a huge band of Roaches, we need to stop them before they destroy the Rainbow forever!” Some Birds agreed and were eager to help but some didn’t want anything to do with it. When this reaction happened with the other Birds the Phoenix was in shock with disappoint but it was their choice and he couldn’t do anything about it.

So the Birds who agreed to help flew up to the Rainbow and the Roaches didn’t stop for a second. This was when the battle began. Who would win the Birds or the Roaches?, this was very interesting and exciting. The Roaches were fighting the Birds and the Birds were eating the Roaches. While they fought the Birds and the Roaches began to fall because they were so tired.

Finally the battle finished and the Birds won their victory and excitement went all over the place, everyone was so glad and for their bravery that day they were rewarded. When they flew through the Rainbow their boring old colours of black, brown and grey were splashed with not only one colour but a whole heap of colours, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. They were blessed with such beautiful colours.

The Phoenix left and they flew back down to the Tree. When they flew back down to the Tree the other Birds who stayed behind saw their beautiful colours and regretted staying back behind. From that day on they learned a decent lesson to always help a friend in need.

Badminton Report

The purpose for playing Badminton is to have fun, it’s to exercise and competition.
Badminton is a game played with a racket between 2 opponents (singles) or either opposing pairs (pairs).

The equipment that you need to use are Rackets, a Shuttlecock and a Badminton Net. This will be the equipment you will be using to play the game.

The way that you would play Badminton is by hitting the shuttlecock over the net. The first one who scores will achieve 21 points . If it was a doubles match then it would be 15 points.

The Clothes you should wear for Badminton is a white t-shirt, some black shorts and some comfortable shoes. This will be better to wear than just normal clothes.

The rules for Badminton is to hit the shuttlecock over the net to score a point. This rule will help you win all your matches.

The whole point of playing Badminton is to have fun, to exercise and to compete in.