Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt Writing 4

“Don’t forget the Water Hannah!” Shouted Elliot from the other Bedroom. “I’ve already got it packed.” Replied Hannah. “What about the Sunscreen?” Asked Elliot. “Yes i’ve got that packed as well.” Answered Hannah. “Then we are all set.”

On a sunny beautiful Saturday Morning Hannah and Elliot were going to Hike to a Forest. They were extra excited to see all the Animals. They both loved Animals especially Monkeys.

“Ok let’s hop in the Car and set off.” Elliot demanded. So they both got into the Car and set off for their Adventure. When they parked their car next to the gate for the entrance of the Forest they got their Supplies out and started walking. Elliot put the keys in his bag to keep it safe. But he forgot to zip it up!! Elliot didn’t notice it and just kept on walking.

When they had came walked for a whole half an hour they decided to have a rest. So they sat down under a shady tree to relax. “Ahhh, that’s much better isn’t it Elliot? Elliot where are you!” Said Hannah in confusion. “Oh no they're gone!!” Shouted Elliot searching around. “What’s gone, what’s gone??” Hannah said as she stood up. “The car keys, they have vanished from my bag.” Said Elliot in terror. “How?” Said Hannah searching around as well. “I don’t know.” Replied Elliot. “ We have to find them.” Said Hannah.

So the Brother and Sister got up in a jiffy and started to search for the keys. They look in trees, they looked under dirt, they looked between rocks and in birds nest but no there were no sign of the missing keys anywhere. “What are we going to do?” Hannah said in fear. Then just as she spoke she spotted something shiny, they were the keys. A Monkey with big bold yellow eyes were holding it. “There they are!” She said with anger. “Get that Monkey!” Elliot exclaimed.

So they both ran after that Monkey. They climbed trees, they swang from vine to vine and they even crawled but no they could not get that Monkey. But then Elliot stopped and said “wait, he had a idea. Hannah did you pack any fruit.” Then Hannah replied, “umm yeah i think so.” So Hannah took some fruit out and Elliot grabbed it from  her hands. He spread the fruit out on his paws and said, “come here Monkey i’ve got some fruit and i’ve got some tasty Bananas.” Just as silence fell a hungry Monkey came jumping for the fruit just as he jumped onto Elliot he dropped the keys and Hannah caught them. “Hooray!! We’ve got the keys back.”

After when the Monkey ate all the Fruit he jumped out of Elliot and climbed back in the Trees. “Now we can enjoy the rest of our hike.” So then they enjoyed the rest of their exciting Adventure.

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