Friday, 21 March 2014

Cyclone Lusi!!

As soon as I got up I went straight to the shower and then after my shower I put on some warm clothes and looked outside of the Curtain and all I saw was rain and wind. It was crazy!!

It was a Saturday morning so all I felt like was sleeping in but I couldn't because it was really cold. I expected for a Cyclone because there were news going around that a Cyclone was heading straight for us!! I expected that it was going to be tiny so I didn’t really worry much.

But then when I looked outside and there were trees swaying from one side to another. There was rain pouring down from everywhere!! But I kind of liked it, but at the same time I was scared because what if the Cyclone was actually huge and then it will destroy Auckland!! But that eventually didn’t happen.

So anyways, so I then started my day when I had got ready I started to clean up the house. I knew that it was going to be a boring because we couldn’t go anyway because of the weather. So I might as well should start cleaning.

So I did cleaned  up the kitchen and starting folding the Washing. When finally the rest of my family woke up we all had breakfast and then got ready for the messy and lazy day.

When everybody had showered up and the house was cleaned we finally relaxed. I relaxed for a little bit, but then got up and looked at the rainy, muggy and windy day. I was then getting worried. “Dad do you think the Cyclone going to be huge and hit us badly??” I said worriedly. He then replied, “Maybe it will, but I don’t think it will.”

So then after this my Grandpa came back and he had the Newspaper in his hand. He put the Newspaper on the table, then I look at the front page and the Head Title. ‘ Cyclone Lusi Coming Straight for Us?? “Wow I wonder if it’s serious or if it has hit anywhere yet??” I said to myself.

Then my Mums says that her and my Dad have to go to Sylvia Park to send an Invitation to someone. So they put my little sister to sleep and leave. They leave my Grandpa in charge and if he leaves then my older sister is in charge. So they leave and eventually take one of my sisters. My Grandpa eventually disappears somewhere like usually so that made my older Sister in charge.

While they were gone I made Toasties, watched Television and stared outside at the rainy and windy weather. Now at this point I was actually scared and was anxious. I was scared and anxious because I was saying in my head that “the Cyclone wasn’t coming.” But then I got much more worried just looking at the weather so then I said, “that the Cyclone it was coming towards us!!”

When my Mum and Dad got home they had bought some Chocolate and so I hate some of them. That took my mind of the Cyclone. It was nearly the end of the day and I was glad that there no Cyclone hit us. But then my Grandpa walked and then said that the Cyclone was going to hit at Mid-night!! Uh-oh now I got worried and scared. But I tried to forget about it.

When night had struck I went shower and put on my warm and cosy pyjamas. I felt very warm now. How I felt about this day was anxious, scared and worried. Why I felt these 3 feelings was because first I got worried but not really worried. Then I started saying to myself it was coming, then I said it wasn’t coming, so then I got anxious. Then I believed that it was coming here so then I got scared.

My highlight of the day was staring outside of the window and looking at the weather because I actually found it fun and I felt nice and calm.

The End!! :)


I am going to explain what bullying is. Bullying is when somebody wants to make you feel smaller. It is when somebody is being mean to you or when they make you cry on purpose.

There are many types of bullying. Like Physical bullying, where you beat up somebody. Verbal bullying, where somebody says something bad to you. Also Cyberbullying, where somebody bullies you online or on any technical device.

There is also emotional bullying. That is when a person bullies you because they are jealous of you or they have a feeling that you want to feel. Bullying like this could be taken too far and could lead to suicide.

Why I think people bully you is because they want attention, or jealousy, or when that person wants you to feel all the bad emotions that they are feeling. I think that Bullies just want a reaction from you and also it could be because they are a show off.

For me I think that the solution to bullying is that you could tell your Teacher if it is at school or you could tell your Parents. If it gets worse and if it’s cyberbullying then you should tell a Police Officer.

My opinion on bullying is that I don’t think that it is right and it really needs to stop. It is happening way too much in the world. If you are bullying someone then how would you like it if that was happening to you. It is not a nice feeling.

But just remember that it will always get better!!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Saint Patrick!!

The patron Saint of Ireland is Saint Patrick. He was born in Great Britain on 385. When he was 16 he was captured by pirates and taken to Ireland where he was put to work as a shepherd. During this time he was lonely and afraid but he learned to rely on God. He grew closer to God and his Faith strengthened.

After 6 years he escaped to France. He decided to train to become a Priest. It was not long before he was made a Bishop. He was sent to Ireland. Which at the time was known as a Pagan country. Patrick set about preaching and teaching the people about Jesus Christ.

He walked around the whole country and thousands of people became Christians as the result of his work. There are many famous legends about Patrick’s Life. He is believed to have rid Ireland of Snakes!! He used a Shamrock to teach people about the Trinity.

Today we celebrate St Patrick’s on March the 17th. Irish Christians have travelled all over the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus that Patrick brought to Ireland. On St Patrick’s day we wear Green to remember the green countryside of Ireland and the man who brought Christianity to its shores many years ago. St Patrick was very brave and we can always ask him to help us in time of trouble.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Funny Pranks

This is a Recount about Funny Pranks. For this funny Prank I saw it on YouTube. In the prank there is a Dinosaur. But it is not a real Dinosaur it looks real but it’s not. This Prank is set in China and it is in a large building.

The Prank is about when some random person is walking through the building then she/he sees people screaming and running away from something. They don’t know what it is but then when the Dinosaur comes down the hall they start screaming and running because they are so scared. It looked really funny.

The first person to come up the building and be scared is this woman. She doesn’t know that a Dinosaur is going to come. But then she sees people running and screaming so she stops walking. Then out of no where a giant Dinosaur comes running towards her.

She then starts running and screaming for her life. She runs to the bathroom and locks the door and the Dinosaur runs away. It was extra funny because she was wearing a wig and the wig came off. She also had high-heels on so it was hard to run as well and that also looked funny.

The second person that was walking through the building was another woman. She was just walking when these people were running and screaming so then she decided to hide behind a tall plant. But she never knew that they were running away from a Dinosaur so then when the Dinosaur turned she saw it and she ran like a cheetah. It was really funny because she was screaming and she had a really funny face.

She then fell on the floor and the Dinosaur was up against her face and she was shrieking. It looked like the Dinosaur was gonna lick her or something but then it soon left. She got up and was also laughing because she just realized it was a Prank.

This Dinosaur Prank was hilarious to me because their facials were really funny and I thought that it was awesome.

Friday, 7 March 2014

What Causes An Earthquake?


What Causes An Earthquake? And Why?

What causes an Earthquake are these plates that are under the Earth’s surface. The Earthquakes start when the plates touch at the breaks or crusts of the Earth. The energy of these plates form something called ‘Seismic Waves.’

Now a Seismic Wave is a Wave that travels through the Earth, that can cause an Earthquake or an explosion.  These waves move outwards just like sea waves that then form an interference in the body of the water.

There are different type of Seismic Waves. There is a Seismic Wave called a Body Wave. A Body Wave travels under the Earth and can go through solid, liquids and gas.

A Secondary Wave are just under the Primary Body they are just under the surface of the Earth.

Now there is a Seismic Wave called a ‘Primary Body. The Primary Body is the fastest Wave. When they hit the surface of the Earth they become Surface Waves and then continue to travel above the ground. But when it hits the surface is becomes the slowest Wave but it can cause a lot of damage.

Explanation Writing Lent

Hello, today I am going to explain about a Christian Season called ‘Lent.’ Lent is a time of preparation of Easter. It is a time to gather together and remember Jesus.

Lent begins on Wednesday the 5 of March (Ash Wednesday) and the last day of Lent ends on  Thursday the 17 April (Holy Thursday).
The reason for Lent is to remind us of Jesus’ sacrifice. It is also to remind us of how he went into the Desert and survived the temptation of the Devil. After when Jesus returned from the Desert he rode to Jerusalem on a Donkey and everybody was putting Palms on the ground.

Lent is important because it shows the 40-days and 40-nights that Jesus spent in the Desert fasting and praying. It is also a time for giving up things (almsgiving).
Lent is about Jesus because he gave up 40-days and night without any food and because of his sacrifice for us. But before he was crucified he had his last supper with his disciples. But Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus.

What Catholics or Christians usually do during Lent is give up something (fasting) for 40-days and nights just like what Jesus did.

Purple is the colour of Lent. Because when Jesus was going to be crucified everybody was mocking him of ‘King of the Jews.’ The Pilate and his soldiers put a purple robe over Jesus. The reason why the colour was purple was because purple is the colour of royalty. So that is why the colour is Purple for Lent.

My opinion for Lent is that I think that Lent is a important time because Jesus gave up his life for our sins.

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