Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

“Hurry up Cody, we want to get a good spot to sit” Sally said impatiently. “Just wait a minute, I am coming, I am just putting my hat on”, Cody replied.

On one beautiful gorgeous sunny day, Sally and Cody decided to go the beach. “It is a lovely day, isn’t it Cody?“ Said Sally. “Yes! It is“ replied Cody. “But it is also hot“ Sally said. “I need to put my hat on to protect my face.” So Sally put her hat on and watched the glorious view.

“Maybe later on we could go for a swim?“ Said Cody. “Oh yes!“ answered Sally. “The Beach looks nice and cold enough to swim in. I think that I might need my sunglasses?“ So Sally got out her sunglasses and put them on her eyes.

“I think that I might put some sunscreen on“ Said Cody. “Oh no!!” Shouted Cody. “What happened Cody?“ “We have forgotten the sunscreen. We can’t swim in the hot burning sun! If we did then we would get sunburned.“ Sally said in terror “I don’t want to get sunburned! What are we going to do??”

So Cody and Sally started to think of a solution to their problem. They thought and thought and thought. Sally had the solution, “I’ve got it! We can just drive back home, grab the sunscreen!” Sally said in happiness. “Great idea! “ Cody said.

So they both headed back home, grabbed the sunscreen then headed back to the beach. “Now we can have a good time at the beach! This is great!“ Sally exclaimed. So Sally and Cody put their sunscreen on and went swimming and had they had a great time.


  1. Great narrative that you wrote today in 20 minutes. Make sure that you don't have spaces between what people are saying and the speech marks when you are typing though. :-)

  2. Thank you Miss G for the great feedback and teaching skills. I will make sure that I will not put spaces in between the speech marks next time.


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