Friday, 28 August 2015

St Pius X Cross Country!

 We made our way across the road to the Seventh Day Adventist church in our houses. Tui’s, Gecko’s, Kea’s and Kiwi’s. I was in Tui’s with Jane, Frank, Justin, Valensia, Pepe and my sister Sonya. They were all classmates of mine. When we made it their we all sat down. When we were settled Mr Slade finally said with excitement, “Welcome everyone to St Pius X’s Cross Country for 2015!”

I could not contain my excitement! I was very excitement for this years Cross Country mainly because of the route that we were running. There were my Aunty’s family and my Grandpa. Tui’s were red so we wore the colour red. While Gecko’s were green, Kiwi’s were yellow and Kea’s were blue. Each house would get house would get points for organisation and sportsmanship. We would also get points for the best chant and who would come first, second, third, fourth and fifth.

The first group were the Rm’s 1 and 4. Then it would be Year 7 and 8. I was in Year 7 so I was up next. We got our kids organised and they went to the start line. “Bang!” Went the 2 blocks and they headed off. They left and then Mr Slade asked the Year 7 and 8’s to come forward. With my heart pounding out of my chest I stepped up to the start/finish line. “1, 2, 3 GO!” Mrs Tui shouted and we were off I knew that I shouldn’t run too fast otherwise halfway through the race I would be way too tired. So instead I kept a steady past.

We were halfway through the first round and there were only a few people in front of me. I was going for my second round when I heard a familiar voice. I looked around and then there I saw him. My Dad was standing right there cheering me on. At that moment I was very happy because I thought that my father was not going to come. But I guess that he had a chance to come.

I was so excited that it gave me a boost and I was able to go a little bit faster. During my second round I just thought of how proud that I am. But before I knew I was nearly finish
with my second round and going onto my third round. During my third round I was getting a little unstable but was hanging in there. When going down hill I just ran the whole way and eventually I was nearly at the finish line.

When I made it their I was so relieved and proud of myself! It is because I completed the track and nearly jogged the whole way. When I went to Mrs Williams I found out that I came first out of the Year 7 girls! I was so proud of myself and that just made me jump up and down feeling proud. My Dad came up and hugged me. I told him that I came first and he told me how proud he was of me.

Then after that the race was nearly over and everyone just sat down and relaxed. But it wasn’t over yet cause we still had our chant battle left. So how it went was that Mr Slade was thinking of a number between 1 - 20. Which ever house guess the number closes to Mr Slade’s number then they will go first. Then they will pick the next house to go. So kiwi’s went first, I really liked their chant and everyone clapped and cheered.

But next they picked us I was very nervous. We practiced very hard to get it right. When we started I felt myself becoming more confident and didn’t feel nervous anymore. Our chant was over and everyone just clapped and clapped. We then chose the Gecko’s to go next. Then the Kea’s, it was up to the parents to choose who had the best chant.

When they finished voting Mr Coakley rallied up the votes. I was so nervous because I really wanted us to win. The suspense was killing me and I just couldn't wait any longer! He announced it and eventually... Tui’s won the chant battle!! We were so happy and over the moon with happiness. It was the Tui’s who came first, second the Kiwi’s, Third Kea’s and Fourth Gecko’s.

But the house that won the whole thing was the house that had the most points. Eventually that was Kiwi’s! Our buddy house. We were very happy for them. After this the race was over and everyone packed up. Then everyone went to their classes and relaxed.

After that race I felt so tired and sore but very joyful as well! Tired obviously because of the race. I was sore because of all the practise that we had. I was very joyful because all the hard work payed off. My highlight was when I crossed the finish line. This is because I knew that I had accomplished the race and that I had made my Dad proud.
Now I can’t wait for next year!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Kelly Tarltons Interest: Movenote

This is a short movenote video about the picture that interests, me the most. So I hope that you will enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Kelly Tarltons Experience Video

This video is about my experience that I had at Kelly Tarltons. So I hope that you will enjoy!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Recount: St Pius X Feast Day!

I go to St Pius X Catholic School so our Patron Saint is St Pius X. And his feast day is on the 21st of August every year and that was last Friday. So our school celebrates this by having an extra special mass and a cake after that. So that was exactly what we did on friday.

Everything was ready and the mass started, I had a very special part in the mass. I got to tell people about the Life of Saint Pius with my classmate Joshua. I have to say this was a very beautiful mass that was lead by Room 5. When the Mass finished we all packed up and we had to get the cake set up. While we were doing this the rest of the classes were doing rounds around the court just to stretch out a little bit more.

So we set up everything and as a tradition we would always get the youngest and oldest student of St Pius X to cut the cake together. And this year it was Osca a Year 8 in Room 7 and Ana-Seiko a Year 0 in Room 1. When all the chairs were set up and the cake was set up everyone took a seat and Mrs Tui said a few words.

We then got straight into it, they cut the cake and everyone cheered and clapped with joy and happiness. I and a few other girls in Room 7 served the delicious banana cake to everyone and then had a slice for ourselves and the teachers after. I have to say the baker always gets it just right every year. It was very delicious especially the icing! We then cleaned up and after that everyone left to their own classes to carry on their learning.

After this I felt really happy because it was the St Pius X Feast Day and everyone was happy as well. My highlight was eating the Banana Cake because it was delicious and everyone was very happy and it just felt special. Now I can’t wait for next year!

Acrostic Poem: Saint Pius X

S - Showed, he showed love by allowing children to receive Holy Communion at a young age.

A - August, St. Pius died on August the 20th, 1914 with a big heart to everyone.

I - Ignore, he would never ignore a person in need, he even said, I would gladly give my life to save my poor children from this horrible suffering.

N - Never, he never neglected the thought that God wanted him to become a priest.

T - Trustworthy, St. Pius was very trustworthy.

P - Poor, St. Pius said these words, I was born poor, I lived poor, and I wish to die poor.

I - Innocent, St. Pius was a very innocent person.

U - Used, he used everything that he had to give away to the poor.

S - Spiritual, St. Pius cared about every single person's spiritual needs.

X - Tenth, he was the tenth and one of the greatest Popes of all time.

Recount: The Revolution Group!

While everyone gathered into the hall I looked around and saw speakers and a mac computer. There were also people standing there. But 2 were standing there at the door exchanging high fives and making us feel very welcome. Finally after all the hassle of everyone settling down they introduced themselves. They were the Revolution Group. They were at our school to talk about anti-bullying.

They were also going to sing and dance. There were 2 people speaking a girl and a boy. Then moved onto their Dance group. I instantly knew that it was going to be a great show because the beginning was great and welcoming. They then moved onto singing. A boy who was playing a guitar and a girl who was singing. She was singing, ‘I know i’m not the only one,’ by Sam Smith. Also ‘thinking out loud,’ by Ed Sheeran.

2 of my favourite songs. Then at that moment I was very entertained. Then after this was the serious bit. A woman came up and started talking about her experience with bullying. She said that there were 3 things that we can do to prevent bullying. Step 1 was that we should get help. There are a lot of people out there that we can get for help. Step number 2 was to say i’m sorry. Those 2 words are one of the most strongest words. Step 3 was that if we ever see someone getting bullied, then we should get 3 or more friends and ask that person if they want to have lunch with us.

This is because it can make the person feel alright and that he is included and not excluded. I thought that these were very important and steps to do when someone is getting bullied. After this we had a dance competition and some people got some free stuff. Like lollies and tickets. After they left we all went back to class,

After this experience I felt fortunate. This is because lucky enough I am not a person who gets bullied. My highlight was when the woman were telling us how we can help bullying. This is because it helped me to do something about bullying.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Recount: My First Experience at Kelly Taltons!

We walked through the door and we all stepped down the stairs and all lined up. There was a very excited vibe around the room and everyone stared in amazement. The lady said a few instructions and rules, but then said, “but other than that, Welcome to Kelly Tarltons!” So yes, as you have guessed today we went to Kelly Tarltons.

I really wished that the trip would of had been on Friday to put the cherry on the top of the cake for the week. But tomorrow is the St. Pius Feast Day so we decided to have it on Thursday.

When we finally got inside, our first experience was a place called Scott’s Hut. This was a Hut that a man called Scott lived in. It was based in Antarctica and everything in the prototype hut was exactly the same, as the hut in Antarctica.

After that was the photo experience, the white out, the Antarctic ice Adventure. Which was when you put your hand into extremely cold ice for 30 seconds. After that my hand was very numb for like 5 minutes. It was one of the coldest experiences that I have ever had. I also really liked the photo experience because the whole class was in the photo.

So that was pretty cool, we then moved onto the Penguins. I was so, so excited for this, it was because this was going to be the first time seeing a real live penguin. I have to say the penguins were so cute! They would just stare at you, walk around or swim around. They were one of my favourites.

Then was Scott’s Base and the NIWA Southern Oceans. Which was something that we have been reading about in class, so we could relate to it. We then made it to the Shipwreck Shores Play Zone which is basically the Cafeteria. This is where we had morning tea. Since we were underground we saw the waves come and flash up against the wall from the outside, while we were eating.

We then got to watch a Stingray Bay. Which was where the Stingray and Hapuka lived. Hapuka is a type of Fish. After morning tea a lady came out and went in the water with the Stingray, she then fed the Stingray, but at the same time she talked to us about the Stingrays. She told us important information about the Stingrays, like their predators were sharks and orcas, all Stingrays are females and they are very shy.

This was one of my favourite experiences at Kelly Tarltons because we got to learn and at the same time watch the Stingrays. We then moved onto my favourite, favourite part of the trip. Which was the Shark Zone and the Shipwreck Discovery. Which was a little escalator that goes around in a shape of a hourglass. But it goes through a tunnel and we get to see all kinds of fish there. Like crabs, fish, sharks and sea turtles! There was a Sand Tiger Shark, School Shark, Wobbegong Shark and a Broadnose Sevengill Shark.

I went around 3 times and got to read the Facts and see the Sea Turtles. Which was pretty cool. We then moved onto the Seahorse Kingdom. The Seahorse Kingdom was very dark inside, but still an amazing experience. This is because their were 2 different kind of seahorses there. A Spiny Seadragon and a Big Bellied Seahorse. They were amazing species and I would definitely come back again just to see them again.

We then got to go to our class lesson. Which basically was talking about all the things that we have experience at Kelly Tarltons. Our educator talked about Sea Turtles, Common Clownfish and Pollution too. She said that throwing rubbish into the ocean will just be killing the fish even more! Which really made me realise how much we need to look after our environment. We also got to touch some artifacts that were, a shark jaw, Shark Skin, a dried Seahorse and the place where Baby Sharks live also known as ‘Mermaid’s Purse.’ After our Class lesson we all walked out and unfortunately that was our last experience at Kelly Tarltons for the day.

So we all ended up on the other side of where we entered from so we headed to our buses and headed back to school. On my way back to school I just thought about everything that happened today and just recapped about it. But again we all had to squash in the bus, again.

Today I felt really happy and educated because kelly Tarltons really made me fall in love with the Sea and Sea Creatures also because it gave us facts and information about the Sea Creatures. My highlight of the day was the Shark Zone and the Shipwreck Discovery. This is because this is the part that mostly made me fall in love with the Ocean.

So know I can’t wait for the next time that I get to go to Kelly Tarltons!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Language to Go: Week 4

Find 3 Examples
Antisocial, Antidote,  Antibullying
Automatic, Automobile, Autodynamic
Bicycle, Bimonthly, Biweekly
Cohesive, Coordinate, Cooperate

Come Visit Me At Home!!

This presentation is about a fish that I have chosen to explain about. Then during this presentation you can guess what fish that I have chosen. I have also explained about the fishes habitat so that is why it is called, Come Visit Me At Home! Hope that you will enjoy!!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Expressive Writing: Shark Finning

Sean saved a lot of sharks. He stopped shark finning by putting a law out there. Shark finning is when you cut the fin of a shark and then just dump the body back in the ocean. Then people just leave the sharks to die and suffocate. Sean was able to ban Shark finning in his home state. He did it because he has watched Shark Week since he was 3 years-old.
What I think Sean was doing was something very caring and thoughtful. This is because he is thinking about the sharks and their lives and how it can affect their species. If I was talking to Sean then I would say thank you for saving the Sharks and stopping Shark Finning.

But now I want to know why were people killing the sharks? What did they need with the fins and the bodies?
This is the link to: Sean's Shark Week

Friday, 7 August 2015

Recount: The Netball Tournament!

We were practically jogging to the school. My sister said that we were “late”. She has always had a weakness for being late. We finally made it to school and since all the other girls were ready we quickly got changed as well. I rushed as fast as I could so that I was in time.

We all gathered outside of Room 7 and Mrs Tui put me into a group with Rosrine and Faleaka. Who were 2 very close friends to me. But I was sort of not sad because we were having technology which is usually on a Tuesday. There were 2 teams, the Year 8 team and the Year 7 team

Then Pola asked us all to just go onto Court 1 and then just practise some drills. While Mrs Middleton went to go get our draw. When she came back it turns out that the Year 7’s first game was at 9.30 at Court 14.

“When it hit 9.30 both captains from each team had to play rock, paper, scissors and whoever won had to choose either the ball or the goal.

We got the right goal. For this game we were versing Glendowie and I was playing as GK (Goal Keep) and GD (Goal Defence.)  During the game I was doing my very best to play as these positions because I haven’t played as this in a while. Sadly we lost but I didn’t mind because it was only our first game.

Then our next games were Parnell and a few other teams that I can not remember unfortunately. After our 4 games we had won 1 game, 1 draw and 2 loses. So we just watched the Year 8’s play, they were versing Parnell. During their game I was screaming my lungs out. Trying to encourage them. They played really well, getting their goals and a lot of interceptions as well!

After our games were finished we all walked to the cars and there we all agreed on buying a $1 Frozen Coke from McDonald’s for everyone! But first of all we changed into our school uniforms and waited for Rosrine’s Mom to arrive. She was running a bit late so we had to wait.

When we finally arrived at school all the girls headed into Room 7 and was just buzzing at how fun and exciting the day was. So Mrs Tui quickly informed us about the game later on that night. Which made me want to just collapse on the floor right there and then. This was because I was already tired enough!

My highlight of that day was being able to play against Parnell because they were really fun to play against.
That day I also felt exhausted and happy.

I was exhausted obviously because I had been running around all day. Secondly I was very happy because I got the chance to be a part of a tournament playing one of my favourite sports.
Now I can’t wait for the next tournament to come up next!

Recount: My First Experience

IMG_2479.JPG IMG_2478.JPG
I was super excited because this was going to be my first experience playing hockey. But since it was a Wednesday we had to do our Inquiry Learning first. So Room 7 made their way across the hall and standing in the hall was a tall male. Who turned out to be our Instructor for the rest of the term.

We firstly warmed up and after that we all chose our own hockey sticks. My hockey stick was blue coloured and had the word ‘Arctic’ on it.

He firstly taught us how to dribble the hockey ball. That one was pretty easy.

Then the next thing was that we learnt how to pass the ball from left to right. Now this we had a competition at. We had to see how many left and rights that we could do in 30 seconds, I got 54 out of the whole 30 seconds. Then after that we had another competition, we had to see how many times we can hit the ball on the end of the stick.

That was pretty good for me, since it was really hard to do. So then after that we got into 3 groups. We played a game called Number Hockey. Each team lined up behind a cone and each team to try and hit the ball into our net. But if our instructor shouted out 2. Then 2 people from our team would run around the other teams net and then run to the ball.

Who ever got the most points wins! This was extremely fun for me and really good fitness. Our team won with a score of 3 - 0. This was the end of our hockey lesson and we left back to our room.

Today my highlight was obviously playing the game because it had a lot of exercise in it and it was a lot of fun! I also felt really happy and excited! I was excited because this was going to be my first experience playing hockey.

Now I can’t wait for next week's lesson!

Who Am I?

I am a fairly sized fish, with a little fin under my stomach. I have a very pointy and skinny snout with a lot of stripes on my body. I am usually white, yellow and orange coloured. But in this case I have a very dark purple stripes and yellow coloured. I also have a very dark eye, so watch out! I am also known as Chelmon rostratus.

I can be found in reefs in both Pacific and Indian Oceans. But can also be found in rocky shorelines. I am also one of the most difficult marine fish to handle. I belong to the family of Chaetodontidae and the kingdom of Animalia. I also can be found in aquariums. I am very delicate and I am not good with saltwater. I have a false eye on the back of my dorsal fin.

I am a carnivore and very shy. I may need variety of foods offered to be able to start eating. But I will eat frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms and sometimes Mysis shrimps. I would also eat plankton, squid or deli shrimp.

I am a Copperband Butterfly Fish.