Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Last Day of School for 2013!! :-)

Room 3's entry for Film Festival

Today the 17th of December it was the last day of school for 2013!! I am happy and sad at the same time because I will be missing the memories of 2013. It was the most awesome year of my life to be honest. I had a lot of highlights for 2013. One of them was at the Film Festival because it gave me goose bumps when I watched my Class's Movie. I also had a Awesome time presenting our Class Movie with Patrick. He was Awesome!!! Another one was watching our little concert in the Hall when the 2 mentoring Groups Performed, also Kids 4 Kids.

But I also wish good luck to the Year 8's students to College. I just want to say to them good luck or the next year at College. I will also miss the cool stuff we did during 2013!!! I will miss, Miss G and some other people in my Class who will be leaving to another Class, especially Victoria. There will be a lot of memories that i will miss from 2013. 

But I am also excited for my next Class for 2014, Room 6!!! I can't wait to be in Mr Slade's Class. But for 2013 all of my Classmates I will miss them. They were all awesome. Even though that this year is over, another Chapter will open next year for 2014. I am going to miss Room 3 very much. And the on the last day of being at St Pius X Catholic School for when I am Year 8 I will never forget my Classmates throughout the Years and I will never forget St Pius.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Farewell Miss G :-)

This women in this photo right here is my Awesome Teacher of 2013, Miss G!! She has been my favourite Teacher so far and has really helped me out this year. Especially with my Netbook. But I am very sad because Miss G will be leaving St Pius X Catholic School to another step towards her career in Teaching. Room 3 will probably be her last Class she will ever Teach and Room 3 will miss her very much. She is a Brilliant Teacher and I will always memorize her. She will be leaving to Good Shepherd to become a Deputy Principal. I am happy for her for taking a step forward in her career.
I just want to say to Miss G, good luck for the coming future and career in your life. I will miss you so, so much and always memorize you in my life. 
I wish you luck for the next few years and may God Bless you!!! :-)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Room 3's Assembly!!!

On Friday the 6th it is going to be Room 3's Assembly. Which is also going to be to the last Virtues Assembly of the year. Which makes it even better. So to show people Room 3 have made a Poster that shows all the things that are going to happen in our Assembly. Maybe you can try and figure it out before the Assembly even happens!!

My Netbook Reflection

Now this Year 2013 is going to be different. I have been learning with my Netbook. For me it has been difficult this year because it has been my first year using a Netbook. Now I feel more independent to do my learning.

I have to admit it wasn’t easy in the beginning of the year, I can tell you that now. But overall it has been an awesome year with Miss G. She has been a really wonderful teacher to me. I hope that she has a great year next year with her new job and new school.

It has been difficult for me because there has been a lot of hard tasks throughout the year. Like one of the hard tasks is creating a Narrative with a Online website called ‘Storybird.’ It was a hard task because it had been the first time I had used it. I had to make a Problem, Solution, Characters and a Setting. Although after going through this I finally got it.

I hope that in the future I will do better than this year. I hope that I will achieve all of my Goals. I hope that God will help me with my work and everything that I do. I know that God will help me with what I do with my Netbook.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Book Review

Book Review:
Author:Jez Alborough

Characters:Bobo the Baby Monkey , Mother Monkey, Elephants, Lizards, Snakes. Tigers, Giraffes and Hippos.
Plot:This Story is about a little Monkey called ‘Bobo.’ He walks through the Jungle trying to find someone to hug. Then he sees a lot of animals hugging eachother. He eventually doesn’t find anyone to hug so then he starts to cry. At the end his Mum sees him crying and goes to him then she hugs him.
Problem:The Problem is that Bobo could not find anyone to hug.
Solution:The Solution is that when Mother Monkey comes and hugs Bobo.

Your opinion of the story:My opinion is that I really liked this story. I liked it because it tells that you will always have someone there to comfort  you when you are feeling blue or down.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story