Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Catholic Schools Day

On a fine weathered day I was thrilled for St Joseph’s from Orakei to come to our school to celebrate Catholic School’s Day. First we had a mass with St Joseph’s and St Pius X’s Parish Priests.

After that it was lunchtime, during lunchtime Room 3 had lunch with Room 2 of St Joseph’s. Each class at St Pius became friends with the St Joseph’s kids. Everyone was running around being happy and making new buddies, some only made one buddy. My buddies name was Sam, she’s a girl.

After when everyone was making new friends it was time for the concert. St Joseph’s and St Pius were going to perform a song or an item for the concert.

When everybody settled sitting on the mats we started. First of all we started with Genevieve introducing why everyone was there and said who would be performing first, which was Room 7. They sang a song “Let It Go” and Julia was their soloist and Room 7 as the choir. It was a beautiful sweet song and when it finished everyone clapped and cheered. The next song was the whole of St Joseph’s singing a song called ‘Count On Me’ by Bruno Mars. They also did actions to the song and 2 of the senior kids from their school were beside the whole school to make sure that no one made any mistakes. At the end of the song everyone was clapping very loudly and cheering. After their excellent performance Sione-Dale announced who was going to be performing next and it was one class from St Joseph school. They were going to perform a kapa haka. The kapa haka was a short performance but it was very good and lively too. When they finished Genevieve introduced a song that Room 7 were going to sing. They were also going to play the ukulele during the song. The song that they sang was ‘ I’m Yours’, on the data-projector was the lyrics to the song so that people could sing along with the musicians. It was a nice song and it was especially nice because other people were singing along too.

After the song when everybody finished clapping and cheering Sione-Dale announced the next performance. The next class to perform were Room 3 and what we were performing was a song that we rewrote from a movie called ‘Pitch Perfect’. We performed this song before at our assembly and now we were going to perform it again. I was really nervous to perform in front of our school and St Joseph’s school, I was so nervous that I was shaking. When we finished I was happy that we got it done and over with and everyone was clapping very loudly for us.

After that it was a girl from St Joseph’s who came up and read a poem. It was a beautiful small poem, it explained a lot. It was very wonderful.

After that was a song that was in Samoan and Tongan. The first verse was in Tongan and it went like this ‘ Malimali mai pea ke fia fia, ‘ we had to sing this verse 2 times. The second verse was in Samoan and it went like this ‘ Pasi Pasi mai pea ke fia fia, ‘ we had to sing that verse 2 times. The second verse was in Samoan again and it went like this ‘Siva Siva mai pea ke fia fia, ‘ but we had to sing this verse 4 times.

After that song the concert was finished, but our Principal Mr Coakley said some words then St Joseph’s Principal said some words. She said that she was glad to have joined us and then she called out for a boy to come up from St Joseph’s and say what he was thinking about the day. He said that it was an awesome day and then he went and sat back down. The Principal then called up two girls to show us a painting of a feather it was very beautiful, they gave to our school to hang up as a reminder of the day.

When everything was finished we sang one more song and it was an African Blessing, it was very beautiful. It was then time for St Joseph’s to go back to their school. We all said good bye as they went home. I felt happy for St Joseph coming to our school because I liked my friend from St Joseph’s, I had lots of fun.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Maths Reflection

I am going to talk about how I am going in maths. I think that maths is easy for me because the strategies are easy for me. I like to use Maths Whizz because I enjoy it a lot and I get to learn more and more new things. I learn things like what are values, how to divide, multiply, subtract and add. I also learn new things like matching cards that equal up to 1000 and 100, learning my time on the digital clock and  the analog clock and learning my millimetres, my centimeters and my kilograms. 
I also like Xtra Maths because it also helps me with my adding, my subtracting and my multiplication. I think that Xtra Maths and Maths Whizz helps me a lot with my learning and will help me get better at maths, I enjoy doing it.
For Addition and Subtraction I am at Stage 6.

Friday, 17 May 2013


My Pencil

A pencil is made from wood, it is also made from lead. Pencils are very useful when it comes to drawing and writing.

My writing instrument that I use looks colourful and long. It looks like a hexagon or a circle. My drawing friend also looks like a pointed stick.

My writing tool feels  kind of shape. It feels hard as a rock, it feels easy to hold and feels smooth.

Pencils are mostly found in a classroom. Sometimes in a pencil case or an office. They could be found in someones desk too.

What a pencil does is write and draw, but it can’t do that without someone holding it. It needs help, without someone to help them they won’t draw.

I think pencils are the best learning tool when it comes to drawing or writing. Pencils are handy pencils You can create a lot of things with just one single pencil. Pencils are not like pens or felts or paint brushes because pencils are special and unique and they one of a kind.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

NZ Sign Language Awareness

This week is sign language awareness week, we learnt how to say our name is sign language.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Beautiful Mother

My mother is a role model to me. She shows me the bad things that I shouldn’t do and the good things that I should try to do. She is an awesome person.

Her hair is short and black like a nights sky and her eyes are as black as a thunderstorm. She goes to work to pay the power, rent and buy food so we will not starve. My mum acts with generosity and cares for me and other people. My mum dislikes are spiders or any other insects and she dislikes dogs and snakes, But she likes to make other people happy, her favourite colour is baby blue and she likes Dolphins.

What makes my mother special and unique is that she cares for me and other people, she is generous and loving. What also makes her special is that she is different to any other mother in the world and I love her just the way she is.