Friday, 1 July 2016

Recount: First Sports Camp Training!

Yesterday afternoon the Yr 8’s with Von and Malia (Yr 7’s) walked down to Glen Innes Primary, but only a few people will be going there. Pate, Patrick, Foni, Malia, Von and I were selected to participate in a Sports Camp along with Glen Taylor and Glen Innes Primary. Yesterday was our first training and also the first time meeting the rest of our team. Mr Coakley walked us there and dropped us off. We all stood in the hall nervously waiting and wondering what they will think of us.

The first person that we met was Mr Hendrix, he is the Principal of Glen Innes Primary. Next we met the Glen Taylor kids, they looked quite athletic as well. Lastly we met the GI primary kids they all seemed friendly and kind. All of a sudden I felt less nervous and more excited. During the next hour we played Table Tennis, Netball, Basketball and Bowls. The girls stayed with Table Tennis and Netball, while the boys stayed with Bowls and Basketball.

My highlight was both Table Tennis and Netball. During Table Tennis I socialised with the GI Primary girls and I also learnt a new sport that I found out, I was good at. While with Netball I enjoyed it because I got to play my favourite sport again. After about an hour and a half the St Pius kids walked back to school, excited to go back again!

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