Thursday, 30 June 2016

Recount: Year 8 Retreat Visit!

On Thursday morning the Year 8’s gathered into the hall. There was instantly a happy and exciting buzz going around. We were all excited because we were going to a Leadership Retreat for 2 days and 1 night. It was at St Francis Retreat Centre. Mrs Tui and Mr Coakley were coming with us.  I hoped that we will learn to be better leaders just like Jesus.

Parents were helping us with the transport to the Retreat Centre.  I was with Rosrine and Richie’s mum.  During the ride we wondered what the retreat held for us. When we arrived surprisingly the building looked exactly as I had imagined! It was quite a wide and tall building, with windows next to each other. After 10 minutes everyone walked in holding there breath and waiting for there new adventure to begin! Throughout the day we met Brother Philip, we got to see our new rooms and we got to do some amazing activities! We did about 3 activities which was a Treasure Hunt, Making an Ark and doing Skits.

My highlight was the Treasure Hunt for sure. Patrick, Pate and JT were in my group and we got given our first clue. At the end when we find all the clues it will lead to a big envelope that will give us the next activity. It was pretty difficult because everyone in the group had to hold onto a piece of fragile paper and if it ripped then we were disqualified. I say that this was my highlight because it was extremely fun whenever we found a new clue because it made us really excited.

If I had another chance to go back to the Retreat Centre with the Yr 8’s then I would, I wouldn’t of wanted to go there with any other people!

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