Friday, 15 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey: Day 5, Activity 1

Activity 1: Some Olympic athletes become famous not because they win but because they have an amazing attitude and great determination. They are sometimes called ‘underdogs.’ One of the most famous ‘underdogs’ in Olympic history was a man named Michael Edwards. He was a ski jumper from England who competed in the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada. Although he came last in the event, he never gave up. Recently, a movie has been made about his life. It is calledEddie the Eagle.”  For this activity, watch the trailer for Eddie the Eagle and then post a summary of the movie on your blog. What is the movie about?

This movie is about a boy named Eddie. All he ever wanted to do was become an Athlete and go to the Olympics. But it seemed like every single person in his life had no faith in him and always told him that he was never going to make it. But after meeting an ex-athlete that can help him, he starts to get better and become more confident in himself.

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  1. You are right that Eddie really had to battle his way through life and to fight for his right to represent his country in the Olympic Games. It was his dream to be an Olympian and he never gave up on that dream. It's a pretty inspirational story, isn't it?

    I had the good fortune of going to see this movie in the theatre with my dad. He had come over from Canada to visit and we went to see it one night in June. I absolutely loved it! I hope that you will get the chance to watch it as well one day. I think that the full DVD is being released on 8 August.

    Keep up the great work with your blogging. I think that you are inspiring others by doing such a great job with your blogging. Keep it up!

    Cheers, Rachel :)


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