Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey: Day 3, Activity 1

Activity 1: Visit the website for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Click on the name of the one of the sports that is listed on the main page. If possible, choose one that you have never heard of before and read about it. After reading about the sport, post a short description of it on your blog. The post must include:

  1. The name of the sport
  2. The aim of the sport
  3. Two rules for the sport

The sport that I chose was Archery, Archery is a sport that I have heard of but have never tried or read about before. The aim of the game is to hit the bullseye mark within 70 metres. One rule is that you are not allowed to distract another player while they are shooting. Another rule is that if a player damages another player's equipment they must pay for the damage.

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