Monday, 4 July 2016

Recount: St Patrick's Cathedral Visit!

On a beautiful Friday morning St Pius X students and teachers hurried down the driveway and gathered into the 2 buses. Everyone was really excited to go to the St Patrick’s Cathedral in Auckland city and attend the mass. Visiting the Cathedral was important because this is the Year of Mercy, this was going to be my second time visiting this Cathedral.

When I walked through the Door of Mercy I suddenly felt very sacred. The first thing that I noticed was the Chair of the Bishop. No one is allowed to sit on it besides the Bishop. During the mass I was really impressed at how smoothly it ran and how everyone just went along with it. I also felt mesmerised at how beautiful the entire building was.

At the end of the Mass Father Larry came up and talked to us about the Cathedral. He also told us some interesting facts like when it was built and how the building originally looked. We then got to take some pictures. During all the talk and the mass I felt very relaxed and connected with God. It felt different from being at the Parish Church.

After we had our lunch everyone gathered back into the 2 buses and headed back to school. Being at the Cathedral felt very special and spiritual and I am very thankful for that experience!

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