Friday, 25 October 2013

Thank You Letter to the Jam Bus Team

Dear Jam Bus Team,

Thank you for your time and effort that you have put into the CD for us. Thank you for giving us this opportunity of recording and for the 2nd chances that you gave us when we made mistakes. Thank you for giving us a free CD!!

I really appreciate it and I always listen to our fantastic songs that we have produced. Thank you for recording our 2 songs, Haere Mai and Something in the Water. This was my first experience of recording a song and I think that it was magnificent.

How I felt about this was awesome and wonderful. I hope that in the future you will come and Record St Pius X again.

Yours sincerely, Alecia.


  1. Hi Alecia your Jam Bus was amazing I do hope that on the future they will come and record room 3 again cool work your wrote there Alecia. Also I like your picture there.

  2. Thank you Kanesini for your generous Comment. :-)


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