Friday, 7 August 2015

Who Am I?

I am a fairly sized fish, with a little fin under my stomach. I have a very pointy and skinny snout with a lot of stripes on my body. I am usually white, yellow and orange coloured. But in this case I have a very dark purple stripes and yellow coloured. I also have a very dark eye, so watch out! I am also known as Chelmon rostratus.

I can be found in reefs in both Pacific and Indian Oceans. But can also be found in rocky shorelines. I am also one of the most difficult marine fish to handle. I belong to the family of Chaetodontidae and the kingdom of Animalia. I also can be found in aquariums. I am very delicate and I am not good with saltwater. I have a false eye on the back of my dorsal fin.

I am a carnivore and very shy. I may need variety of foods offered to be able to start eating. But I will eat frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms and sometimes Mysis shrimps. I would also eat plankton, squid or deli shrimp.

I am a Copperband Butterfly Fish.

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