Friday, 14 August 2015

Expressive Writing: Shark Finning

Sean saved a lot of sharks. He stopped shark finning by putting a law out there. Shark finning is when you cut the fin of a shark and then just dump the body back in the ocean. Then people just leave the sharks to die and suffocate. Sean was able to ban Shark finning in his home state. He did it because he has watched Shark Week since he was 3 years-old.
What I think Sean was doing was something very caring and thoughtful. This is because he is thinking about the sharks and their lives and how it can affect their species. If I was talking to Sean then I would say thank you for saving the Sharks and stopping Shark Finning.

But now I want to know why were people killing the sharks? What did they need with the fins and the bodies?
This is the link to: Sean's Shark Week

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