Friday, 7 August 2015

Recount: My First Experience

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I was super excited because this was going to be my first experience playing hockey. But since it was a Wednesday we had to do our Inquiry Learning first. So Room 7 made their way across the hall and standing in the hall was a tall male. Who turned out to be our Instructor for the rest of the term.

We firstly warmed up and after that we all chose our own hockey sticks. My hockey stick was blue coloured and had the word ‘Arctic’ on it.

He firstly taught us how to dribble the hockey ball. That one was pretty easy.

Then the next thing was that we learnt how to pass the ball from left to right. Now this we had a competition at. We had to see how many left and rights that we could do in 30 seconds, I got 54 out of the whole 30 seconds. Then after that we had another competition, we had to see how many times we can hit the ball on the end of the stick.

That was pretty good for me, since it was really hard to do. So then after that we got into 3 groups. We played a game called Number Hockey. Each team lined up behind a cone and each team to try and hit the ball into our net. But if our instructor shouted out 2. Then 2 people from our team would run around the other teams net and then run to the ball.

Who ever got the most points wins! This was extremely fun for me and really good fitness. Our team won with a score of 3 - 0. This was the end of our hockey lesson and we left back to our room.

Today my highlight was obviously playing the game because it had a lot of exercise in it and it was a lot of fun! I also felt really happy and excited! I was excited because this was going to be my first experience playing hockey.

Now I can’t wait for next week's lesson!

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