Monday, 24 August 2015

Recount: St Pius X Feast Day!

I go to St Pius X Catholic School so our Patron Saint is St Pius X. And his feast day is on the 21st of August every year and that was last Friday. So our school celebrates this by having an extra special mass and a cake after that. So that was exactly what we did on friday.

Everything was ready and the mass started, I had a very special part in the mass. I got to tell people about the Life of Saint Pius with my classmate Joshua. I have to say this was a very beautiful mass that was lead by Room 5. When the Mass finished we all packed up and we had to get the cake set up. While we were doing this the rest of the classes were doing rounds around the court just to stretch out a little bit more.

So we set up everything and as a tradition we would always get the youngest and oldest student of St Pius X to cut the cake together. And this year it was Osca a Year 8 in Room 7 and Ana-Seiko a Year 0 in Room 1. When all the chairs were set up and the cake was set up everyone took a seat and Mrs Tui said a few words.

We then got straight into it, they cut the cake and everyone cheered and clapped with joy and happiness. I and a few other girls in Room 7 served the delicious banana cake to everyone and then had a slice for ourselves and the teachers after. I have to say the baker always gets it just right every year. It was very delicious especially the icing! We then cleaned up and after that everyone left to their own classes to carry on their learning.

After this I felt really happy because it was the St Pius X Feast Day and everyone was happy as well. My highlight was eating the Banana Cake because it was delicious and everyone was very happy and it just felt special. Now I can’t wait for next year!

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