Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Recount: Our Warriors Visit!

The school bell rang and everyone ran in a hurry with excited faces. So I ran with them as well. It was the morning so I did not know what was so exciting about it. When everyone settled down I saw what the excitement was all about.

There were 2 Warrior visitors and a lady next to them. The 2 warrior visitors were Ken Maumalo and David Bhana. The ladies name was Katie and she was there with the visitors as well. So as usual we said our school prayer and the visitors introduced themselves.

After the exciting introduction we played a game. How to play the game is first of all someone will pick a card and not show the person who is trying to guess what is on the card. Then that person will ask us questions that will only answer to yes and no. Eg: is this card a vege? Then we will answer either yes or no.

So we played this game a few times and there were a few laughs and a few people won some prizes. Like Warrior water bottles and warrior rugby balls. This was quite fun for me.

Then the next activity was that the 2 players played a little game with the Year 7 & 8 boys while the rest of the school watched. I found this very entertaining and kept on watching. Unfortunately that was the last activity and we finally moved onto questions.

A lot of the questions were interesting. Finally our experience came to an end and we ended it with a thank you and some photos. During this experience my highlight was when the Year 7 and 8 boys played some drills. This is because it was the most entertaining for me.

After this experience I also felt very excited because it was the Warriors! Who wouldn’t get excited if it was the warriors! Now I can't wait for the future and if we will get the chance to visit the warriors again!

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