Friday, 7 August 2015

Recount: The Netball Tournament!

We were practically jogging to the school. My sister said that we were “late”. She has always had a weakness for being late. We finally made it to school and since all the other girls were ready we quickly got changed as well. I rushed as fast as I could so that I was in time.

We all gathered outside of Room 7 and Mrs Tui put me into a group with Rosrine and Faleaka. Who were 2 very close friends to me. But I was sort of not sad because we were having technology which is usually on a Tuesday. There were 2 teams, the Year 8 team and the Year 7 team

Then Pola asked us all to just go onto Court 1 and then just practise some drills. While Mrs Middleton went to go get our draw. When she came back it turns out that the Year 7’s first game was at 9.30 at Court 14.

“When it hit 9.30 both captains from each team had to play rock, paper, scissors and whoever won had to choose either the ball or the goal.

We got the right goal. For this game we were versing Glendowie and I was playing as GK (Goal Keep) and GD (Goal Defence.)  During the game I was doing my very best to play as these positions because I haven’t played as this in a while. Sadly we lost but I didn’t mind because it was only our first game.

Then our next games were Parnell and a few other teams that I can not remember unfortunately. After our 4 games we had won 1 game, 1 draw and 2 loses. So we just watched the Year 8’s play, they were versing Parnell. During their game I was screaming my lungs out. Trying to encourage them. They played really well, getting their goals and a lot of interceptions as well!

After our games were finished we all walked to the cars and there we all agreed on buying a $1 Frozen Coke from McDonald’s for everyone! But first of all we changed into our school uniforms and waited for Rosrine’s Mom to arrive. She was running a bit late so we had to wait.

When we finally arrived at school all the girls headed into Room 7 and was just buzzing at how fun and exciting the day was. So Mrs Tui quickly informed us about the game later on that night. Which made me want to just collapse on the floor right there and then. This was because I was already tired enough!

My highlight of that day was being able to play against Parnell because they were really fun to play against.
That day I also felt exhausted and happy.

I was exhausted obviously because I had been running around all day. Secondly I was very happy because I got the chance to be a part of a tournament playing one of my favourite sports.
Now I can’t wait for the next tournament to come up next!

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