Monday, 24 August 2015

Recount: The Revolution Group!

While everyone gathered into the hall I looked around and saw speakers and a mac computer. There were also people standing there. But 2 were standing there at the door exchanging high fives and making us feel very welcome. Finally after all the hassle of everyone settling down they introduced themselves. They were the Revolution Group. They were at our school to talk about anti-bullying.

They were also going to sing and dance. There were 2 people speaking a girl and a boy. Then moved onto their Dance group. I instantly knew that it was going to be a great show because the beginning was great and welcoming. They then moved onto singing. A boy who was playing a guitar and a girl who was singing. She was singing, ‘I know i’m not the only one,’ by Sam Smith. Also ‘thinking out loud,’ by Ed Sheeran.

2 of my favourite songs. Then at that moment I was very entertained. Then after this was the serious bit. A woman came up and started talking about her experience with bullying. She said that there were 3 things that we can do to prevent bullying. Step 1 was that we should get help. There are a lot of people out there that we can get for help. Step number 2 was to say i’m sorry. Those 2 words are one of the most strongest words. Step 3 was that if we ever see someone getting bullied, then we should get 3 or more friends and ask that person if they want to have lunch with us.

This is because it can make the person feel alright and that he is included and not excluded. I thought that these were very important and steps to do when someone is getting bullied. After this we had a dance competition and some people got some free stuff. Like lollies and tickets. After they left we all went back to class,

After this experience I felt fortunate. This is because lucky enough I am not a person who gets bullied. My highlight was when the woman were telling us how we can help bullying. This is because it helped me to do something about bullying.

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