Saturday, 8 June 2013


“Now can we go Dad?” I said as we got into the car. “Yes” Dad replied to me. We drove off and I was overly joyful because we were going to the Auckland ZOO. We were going to the Auckland ZOO because it was the company where my dad works birthday. My sister Sana also worked there so she met some friends there too.

First of all we went home to get changed because we had just come back from church.

We were off to the ZOO and as we were getting there I just couldn’t wait to see all the different animals like a Tiger, a Meerkat, a Rhino, a Cheetah, a Lion, a Zebra and a Giraffe. As I was thinking of all the different animals in my head we were finally at the ZOO. It was very cold as we got out of the car, but I was just too excited to be cold.

As we got to the entrance we all took a family picture with a green piece of material that was behind us. After that we all headed off to the function place.

On the way to the function place we I saw a Tiger, it was tall and had sharp teeth and long whiskers, it was just as big as the Lions.

When we got to the function I was super hungry and I could smell the food, so that made me extra hungry. When we went inside the tent we saw a table set up and some face painting. My little sister Angeline stood in line with my dad because she wanted a butterfly on her face.

Next we went to find a seat inside the tent but we didn’t find any inside so we just found a seat outside next to the tent and we just settled there.

Next my mum said that the food looked like it was ready so we lined up with my sister Sana and my other sister Sonya. I didn’t get much because I'm not a big eater but after I finished my food I was still hungry.

We all went out to explore the animals and play after lunch. The first animal that we saw was the pigs. There were only two pigs but they were huge. They snorted loud like thunder making huge sounds from the sky.

We followed the map which lead up to the Meerkats but we couldn't see the Meerkats when suddenly one jumped out of  a hole and the other one popped out of another hole. They were really skinny and they had small eyes and they were pretty tall.

Next we followed the map to where we ended up at this very big building which had a screen and on the screen were some trees and plants. The nature surrounded around the trees was beautiful. Inside the building was some seats so we sat there for a while and relaxed for a little bit.

After a while we headed off again. We followed the map again and we ended up at the hippos the hippos were really big they looked funny. When we finished looking at the hippos my dad said that we could see 2 more animals and then we had to leave.

The next animal we saw was a Giraffe. The Giraffes were big and tall, I saw some people feeding the Giraffes. They had really long tongues.

The last animal that we saw was the Lions. When we got to the habitat the Lion was roaring very loudly and was just sitting under a nice shady tree. It started to rain so we all had to stay under the shade until the rain had stopped.

Eventually the rain stopped and we all could head back to the function place. When we got there I was sad to leave because I was going to miss the ZOO. As we left we got to buy the photo that we took in the beginning, it has a background with a Giraffe, the Tigers, some seals and an Elephant. I really enjoyed going to the ZOO because I got to see all the different animals. My favourite animal that we saw that day was the Giraffes because they were the tallest animals that I have ever seen.


  1. Wow Alecia it looked like you had a great time at the Auckland zoo and its even better that 2 of your family members use to work there
    I liked the part when you took all those photos and made them look real. Keep up the great work Alecia :)

    From Rosrine

    1. Thank you Rosrine for commenting on my blog make sure read more of my learning. I really appreciate all your comments.