Monday, 10 June 2013

The Big Netball Touranment

On a nice sunny day some people got chosen to play in the cluster netball tournament. First we all got changed into our netball uniforms.

After that we all had to go to Miss Leaupepe’s classroom so she could explain what was going on. She did the roll for who will be coming to the tournament.

After that the first groups of girls went with my dad. We took a little while to get there but I was too excited to be patient.

Next when we got to the stadium we all got out of the car and headed to the building, the building was very large. I saw some of the schools practising while they waiting for the games.

Finally Miss Leaupepe arrived at the stadium. Later on we heard a lady speaking on the speaker, she was saying where we had to g and which schools we were going to verse. The school that we were going to play against was this team with blue and green coloured uniforms. I didn’t know the name of their school.

While we were waiting for the games to start Miss Leaupepe showed us where our positions were. My position was goalkeeper so my role was to defend the goal shooter from the other team from shooting the ball. So I had to stay in the half circles.

Next we did a little warm up, we all had to stand in 2 lines. When we were standing in our 2 lines Miss Leaupepe threw the ball at us then we had to catch it and throw it back to her and go to the back of the opposite line that we were in before. We did this warm up for a little while and then the game began. I was very nervous because this was my first experience playing netball.

For our first game it was a disappointing loss against them, but as we finished the game Brother Terence said that I played well. At the end of the game we had to shake hands with the other players and say good game to each other. Our next game I did really good defending. At the end of the game it was a tie. We also did the same thing we did with our other game showing good sportsmanship.

Our next game we didn’t really have a game because the team that we were supposed to play they were not there. We ended up winning that game. While we were waiting for our next game I was watching the Year 6’’s team, they were playing well but the other team just kept on getting the ball and shooting it and getting a goal so they didn’t really win that one.

Later on we played our next game. The next people that we were going to verse was Sylvia Park.. The goal shooter was really hard to block because he kept moving from side to side. Everytime the ball was going to be passed to him I always jumped really high and caught the ball. At the end of that game it was also a disappointing loss as well. We all were being good sportsman and saying good game to them even though we lost. Patrick said “3 cheers for Sylvia Park.” and we all said “Hooray” 3 times.

We waited for a while again until our last game. The team that we were going to verse was Bailey Road. It was also hard to block this time because the goal shooter was very tall. During the game I still tried to defend my best.

When the game was over it was also a tie. So that day we had 2 ties. At the end of that game for the last time we all lined up and shook hands with them and said good game. For the last game JT said “3 cheers for Bailey Road” and we all said “Hooray” 3 times.

After that we all sat down and ate our snacks and sandwiches. I was really hungry because I had been playing all day..
My favourite highlight from, the tournament was having a tie with the other teams because we hadn’t had any experience with Netball before.


  1. Nice work Alecia looks like you had a great time at the netball tournament. You guy's had great games. next time keep up the good work:)

  2. Nice story about the netball tournament and hopefully you play netball for St Pius X Catholic School I love it when we versed Bailey road because we got a special point love the story Alecia Haiosi.

  3. Hi Alecia, Really like your recount about the netball tournament. I really liked the part how you talked about your games. Keep up the great work, From your sista Sonya:)