Thursday, 27 June 2013

Meet Fuzzy the Teddy Bear!

I am going to write a description about a Teddy Bear called Fuzzy. He is a wonderful toy.

Fuzzy looks brown as chocolate. He looks soft as a blanket. It looks small like a mouse and he looks very handsome like a prince. Fuzzy is adorable as a puppy. Also he has a lovely bowtie.

He feels like a cuddly little baby and furry like a Rabbit. He also feels like a chubby kid and his big  black round nose feels like a clowns big round red nose.

Where it is seen or found is in a bedroom. It could be seen in the shop. Or it could also be displayed at the shopping center through a window.

Fuzzy can be cuddled and hugged. He needs to be cared for and loved like a real little Teddy Bear.

What makes Fuzzy special is that there is no other Teddy Bear like Fuzzy. He is perfect just the way he is. It doesn't matter if he is as brown as chocolate or chubby as a kid. It matters who he is. I wouldn’t have him any other way or in any other form.

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