Friday, 21 June 2013

My Pool Description

I am going to describe what a pool smells like, sounds like, feels like and looks like. I am going to talk about the Pool because it has been at our school for quite a while now. Our Pool we love, so that’s why i’m going to write a description about it.

The Pool looks very big. It looks like a big rectangle and it looks blue. It looks see-through like the wind. If you looked at it from the ladder it looks like a big rectangle shaped bowl full of blue jelly wiggling and jiggling around.

The Pool sounds a bit like the rough sea, a rough sea swaying from one side to another hitting the banks with pain. When the Pool’s waves get louder and louder it sounds a bit like a Thunderstorm getting louder and louder and angrier and angrier.

The Pool feels very wet. When the Pool’s waves are really rough it feels a bit like a big whirlpool going around in circles or a big sea storm. The sides of the Pool also feels like a curvy skateboard ramp.

The Pool smells really smelly. It smells like chlorine. Chlorine to me smells really smelly. The chlorine inside the Pool’s marque smells like some wet old smelly socks and old smelly pairs of boots.

Where you can find the Pool is at the St Pius X School tennis court grounds. It is so big that you can see it from half way down our school driveway. The Pool’s marquee looks like a Circus tent but instead of the colour Red it is white.

How we use the Pool is by using it for swimming lessons. We use it to have fun and to learn something new about swimming. How we also use it is by learning something new about water. Like what we should do if we are stranded out in the Ocean or learning how to swim in different ways.

What makes our Pool special is that we only get it for a bit out of the whole year. What makes it special is that only a few schools have it once a year. That it is for us and us only and that we are lucky enough for our school to have this opportunity to receive these swimming lessons. Also it is special because it belongs to the Cluster of Schools and was given to us from the Mt Wellington Trust. All of this and alot more is what makes it special to us.


  1. Hi alecia, I really like how you describe the swimming pool. I also like how you talk about what it looks like and smells, Keep up the good work:)

    1. Thank you Sonya for giving me that feedback. I really worked hard on that description to make it as interesting as possible. =)