Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Call to Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah were sad. They were sad because they had no children.

One day God said to Abraham, “ Go, go leave this country, I will show you where you will go. The place where you are going you can have the land and you will have a baby.“ So they left the country and followed where God wanted them to go. When they finished their journey they had come up to a land called Canaan.

A few months later since God had promised them that they were going to have a baby, they started to doubt. Then one day 2 Angels came that were disguised as men. They came to Abraham and Sarah welcomed them into their tent and had dinner and sat under a nice shady Tree. The 2 Angels said to Abraham, “Sarah is going to have a child”. Sarah heard this from the tent and laughed. “Why is Sarah laughing? Is anything too hard for God?” said the Angels. At this point of time this was when they realised that these men were actually special messengers from God.

9 months later Sarah had a baby boy, for whom they called Isaac.

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