Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Swimming Lessons

“Hurry up!” I shouted to Victoria as she dropped her towel. We ran as fast as we could to the courts and when we arrived Rosalina said to us “ Put your bags inside the tent”. We all came out like a herd of Elephants.

“Open the gate” I said to Joanna. We walked into the big white tent and hung up our towels. I walked up to the instructor Jillian and told her a message Mrs Deeney told me to say to her. I said, “we are all just one group today”. She replied to me “okay that’s alright”.

Jillian got a piece of paper and a board and called out the names to see who was there and who was not. There was only a little group of us swimming. After that we all lined up and one by one we hopped into the pool. As I got into the pool it was warmer than usual. We had to all go to one wall, I was on the left side of the pool with Rosalina and a couple of other boys.

Jillian got our attention, she told us what was going to be happening for the last couple of days and what the other instructor would be doing with us too. We were going to be doing a tested to see if we could swim 15 metres without standing up and if we stand up then she would just mark us as 5 metres.

So as soon as she finished talking about what was going to happen for the next 2 days we had some practise runs of what we learnt so far in swimming. First we did practise with our boards just so we can be better in the test. So she gave us all a board so we could practise on it and one by one on each side we pushed off the wall and had to kick as far as we could. I was the last one to go but that didn’t matter to me.

Next we did the test to see how far we could swim. This time we had no boards because we only use the boards for practising. Some people didn’t make it to the end, sad for them but I made sure that I made it to the end and I did.

When we all finished Jillian said that we had to do it one more time then we could move on to the next test. This time Jillian  watched all of us kicking and breaking the surface of the water.  When it came to me I made sure that I made it without standing up. When the test was finished I was puffed out.

The next practise was gliding. We had lean our arms behind our ears and be as tall as we could. First we practised this with the board. Jillian told us to be as tall as we could be and kick off the wall but not too hard. We practised this once then we had to go back to the wall. I was very sure that I would use my practise wisely. When we got there I took off my goggles and breathed so I could get my breath back.

Next we did the real test. We all had to lean our arms back again and be as tall as we could be. I put on my goggles, put my arms behind my ears, stretched as tall as I could be and pushed off the  wall. There I was, I was off, I swam and kicked as fast as I could be, breaking the surface. I made sure again that I made it to the end and I did. I was just about to miss it but I could spare another breathe under water to swim the 15 metres.

The next practise was when we did big arm circles, this was the last practise and test we had to do before we had free time. First again we had to pass around the boards to practise on. After everyone got their own board Jillian told us to put our thumbs under the board and our fingers on top. We also had to put our hands on the bottom. We practised our big arm circles together with Jillian, we had to do them slow and big. We had one round of practise for this and then it was the real test. We all swam back to the wall and gave our boards to Jillian, some people didn’t make it and some did. I was one of the people who made it.

When we had all finished Jillian said that we could now have free time. We played all sorts of games and races. I had fun with free time and I liked it alot.

After when free time was over Jillian told everyone to get out of the pool and give her a high 5. I enjoyed the lessons with Jillian.
My highlight of swimming was when we did the big arm circles because I found it challenging and fun.


  1. Loved reading your recount about your experience with swimming lessons Alecia. You choose some really great phrases and some awesome vocabulary choices. Keep up the great writing. :-)

  2. Thank you for commenting on my Swimming Lessons Miss G. I will make sure that I will keep up the great writing.