Friday, 24 July 2015

My Recount: The Trip to the Movies!

Waking up was such a hassle, I was so tired. I went sleep late since it was the holidays. I tried to get up but was so tired and was so comfortable. It was as snug as a bug in a rug! Finally I woke up dreadfully. Then I had just realised that we were going to the movies. I looked at the clock it was 7.30 am and the movie started at 9.50 am.

Well first of all we had to clean up before we leave and secondly we had to go shower. Just keep in mind that we have 8 people living in our house! Lastly before we head to the movies we have to go to Pak’n’Save to buy some snacks. So it was a lot of things to do before we had to head to the actual movies. We were going to watch the new Minions movie.

Later on after all the struggle of cleaning up and everyone trying to get to the shower we finally made it to the Cinemas. And we met my Aunt and her family at the Cinemas as well, they were joining the fun as well. My little cousin and sister were as happy as a clam, they were extremely excited. So we bought our tickets and our popcorn. We didn’t really need the snacks because we already bought them. We bought drinks, lollies, chocolates and chips. We all got into our seats and it was as dark as coal. But we eventually got everything organised.

The movie started and I was ready for it. But occasionally I had to go toilet. And from time to time, had the craving to eat some popcorn and eat some chocolate. Then after the movie we all left the Cinemas. I asked my sister what she thought about the movie and it she said that it was very boring for her. So she was basically saying that it was like watching grass grow! I thought that the movie was hilarious! But that’s alright because that’s her opinion.

Then meanwhile after the movie I was very tired. My highlight of today was when we just got into the Cinema because it got we really excited! And today I felt overwhelmed with joy because I got to watch a awesome movie and I got to watch it with my family, now I can’t wait for next time that I go to the movies!

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