Friday, 24 July 2015

My Recount: St. Patrick's Cathedral

It was 11.25 all 4 students got up, clean our workplaces and headed off into the hallway. Mrs Pole our reliever teacher helped us tidy up our uniforms. We needed to look neat if we were going to represent our school. So we headed to the office and Mr Coakley (the school's principal) walked out, “are you guys ready?” he asked. “Yep, yes, yeah,” we all replied and off we headed.

Yesterday Tokilupe, Patrick Seuati and I were going with our principal to represent our school. We were going to the St. Patrick’s Cathedral to attend a mass. St. Pius X School were part of a Charitas foundation and we were going to receive a certificate for our school.

We all jumped in the car with Seuati in the front. Tokilupe and Patrick on the sides and I was in the middle. I took an Ipad to take some photos. On our way to the Cathedral it was so exciting. We all basically just talked the whole way there! It was so fun and I felt very excited. We parked on a very high building.

But we had to run all the way there because we parked quite far away from the cathedral. So we ran and ran and we finally made it to the Cathedral it was very beautiful and big. The Cathedral was white and the inside were a nice shade of brown. It had a lot more detail to their Cathedral than to our Church.

So we found ourselves a seat and sat down. Their Mass was very similar to our Church’s mass. Then following on after the mass we all went to another building for some morning tea. We all walked into the building and it was really packed with a lot of people talking.

So we got some food and we just starting eating. After all the food were gone, it was time for Bishop Pat to announce the certificates. Well when Bishop Pat said St. Pius X Primary, we were all very shocked. This is because Mr Coakley said that we were not going to receive a certificate. So we received the certificate and walked back to Mr Coakley. “Sir I thought that we weren’t going to receive a certificate?” I asked. “Well I just decided to keep it as a surprise.” He answered.

So shocked and happy we all walked out of the building and made our way to the car. On the way back to the car we all played on the Ipad and just talked as usual. But I just admired the beautiful day.

That day my highlight was the ride back because everyone seemed really happy. And at the end of the day I felt honoured and happy. I hope that I will get to get another opportunity again!

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