Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Holiday Writing: Going to the Cinemas

Yesterday we got to go to the Movies to watch the Minions movie. I was so excited but had to wake up early, because the movie started at 9.50 am. So we had to get up and clean the house first then we would go for our showers.

When we got to Sylvia Park we went to Pak'n'Save to get some snacks, like chips, lollies, chocolates and drinks. After that we headed to the Cinema. When we got the Cinema we went to the Arcade Room it was really cool because they had new games. We also met our Aunt and her family as well because they were coming with us as well.

Anyway it was pretty empty when we got there but the line progressively got longer and longer. So we were pretty lucky to get there early. After getting our Popcorn and tickets we headed into eh cinema I was very excited and sat next to my sister because we were sharing the same Popcorn.

Throughout the Movie it was very funny and interesting as well. Then after the movie we all headed back to home and then just played video games. My highlight of today was watching the movie because it was so hilarious. I also felt very happy because I got to spend time with my family. I hope that next time I go to the Cinemas I can get to watch a movie called Paper Towns.  

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