Monday, 12 December 2016

Writing: Year 8's Mass 2016

Last week Friday, we celebrated the Year 8 Leavers Mass for 2016. A lot of parents turned up and it was a beautiful mass. I really wanted our Year 8’s Mass to be different and special, because I had been waiting for this mass since I had started school. I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad or to cry or smile. But I ended up smiling, I wanted to be happy that it happened, rather than cry that it had ended. I also had the special honour along with Joshua, of giving the Leadership Candle to the next leaders, Lusia and Ana-lei. I will always remember my fellow Year 8’s throughout my journey at Baradene College. I will also remember the Year 7’s and the teachers. I hope that the younger students will enjoy their time here at SPX, as much as I did.

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