Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1, Day 3, Activity 1

Activity 1: Watch both of the current Air New Zealand safety videos. The first is a video that stars the All Blacks. The second is a video that stars Rhys Darby and Anna Faris (Hollywood actress).  Links for the videos are found below:
Air New Zealand Men In Black’ video
Air New ZealandSafety in Hollywood’ video
Once you have finished watching the videos, go to your blog and list three things that you need to do to stay safe on an airplane.
  1. When you see the fasten seatbelts sign. You must put your seatbelt on. You have to put it across your hips and hear the belt click. If you want to get up then you must lift the lever, to release the belt.air_new_zealand_hobbit_safety_2.jpg
  2. Any loose items that you have, must be safely secured. Either above  your head in the lockers, or beneath the seat in front of you.Image result for plane locker
For emergencies lean on the seat in front of you, with your hands on your face OR you can put your hands beside your head and put your head in between your legs. Make sure to have your feet firmly on the floor.head.PNG


  1. Wow, Alecia, you did a great job with this blog post. i like the way that you incorporated pictures from the video into your post. How did you do that? I would love to learn.

    If you have a minute could you please write back and tell me what you did to capture these great photos?




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