Monday, 8 August 2016

Writing: Being Smart Online

This morning Constable Gordon came in to Room 7 to talk about being Cyber-Smart and the 10 Principles of Digital Communication. It shocked me, I had no idea that New Zealand had the highest count of suicides. It made me regret saying bad things to other people.

I learnt that if someone posts something nasty about someone else, and I like it or comment, then I am involved and agreeing with that person. If I write something nasty online, then it can not be an accident because I had time to think about it and write it. Whatever I post online I can not take it back and that thought scared me. These facts made me think hard and long about what I had said to people and what I do online.

I had learnt so much from this talk. It made me feel more aware about what I put up online. Constable had taught me that Cyberbullying is something very serious here in New Zealand. This whole talk has made me regret the words that I have said to some people and has made me more aware. Next time I think about saying something nasty to someone, I am going to stop and think.

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