Saturday, 20 August 2016

Narrative Writing: The Library Book

“Mum! Have you seen my library book anywhere?” I shouted from my room. “No honey, have you checked in the kitchen?” She replied. “Yes! I’ve looked everywhere, but I still can’t find it!” I responded. “Keep trying honey.” Typical Mum response, great I was on my own. I searched my room thoroughly one more time. Nothing. My library book was due today! If I didn’t return it, then I would have to pay $20 and I was not going through that again.

I went to the living room, again and searched the entire place. From the computer stand to under the couches. Again, nothing. I sighed and took off to my Grandpa’s room. “Hey Grandpa, have you seen my library book anywhere? Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?” I asked. “Sorry I don’t think so.” He said scanning the room. “Thanks, anyway.” I said before taking off to my Mum and Dad’s room. “Hey Dad have you seen my library book anywhere?” I asked, for the third time. “Sorry, don’t think so.” He said scratching his head. “Have you seen my sports shoes?” “Nope sorry” I replied. So off again I ran to the kitchen.

“Mum I can’t find it anywhere!” I shouted collapsing on the chair. “Honey have you checked on the kitchen table?” She asked still stirring the noodles on the stove. “Yes! I have a million times. But it’s not...” I stopped in mid sentence. Behold, there it was, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, sitting in the middle of the table. “What were you saying?” My Mum asked smiling, her mischievous smile. “Never mind” I replied and picked up the book and left to my room.

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