Friday, 19 August 2016

Narrative Writing: The Misunderstanding

Sentence starter: I found a strange package by the door...
On Monday afternoon after school. I looked at it funny because we never get packages so I went to look at it. Ignoring the address and name I looked at the sides of the box. It was written in another language that I couldn’t describe. I quickly devoured my cookies and inspected the box. It was quite large, with sellotape stuck on weird places and different writing.

“I wonder who’s this for?” Then it hit me, what if it’s a top secret package, for someone in our family. What if that person is a cop, no better a spy! What if there are guns and armour in there. No, what if it's, a bomb! Sent from one of my family members enemies on one of their secrets missions. What if it’s about to explode! I looked at the box, then to the living room, wondering what to do. I didn’t know what to do!

Knock, knock, knock. I suddenly heard, I snapped back to reality and opened up the door. It was the mailman “excuse me sorry miss, but I seemed to have brought the wrong package here, it wasn’t to Livingston St 34, it was Livingston St 33.” I looked at the package ‘Livingston Street 33, Mr Michael Beckett' it read. I slowly gave the package back to the mailman. “Sorry again,” said the mailman before walking off to the Beckett’s. I slowly walked back to the living room plopped down on the sofa and pretended that nothing had happened.
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