Saturday, 12 March 2016

Writing Recount: Second Tennis Experience!

Learn: To be able to use correct punctuation.
We all gathered into the tennis court. “Everyone find a partner!” Our tennis coach shouted. I was just fortunate enough to find a partner, Von. We were then told to go on either ends of the lines. So Von went on the other end and I stand at my end. We started off by bouncing the ball at each other's direction. We did this for a while, we then got to finally grab a racket. We got to softly hit the ball to and fro.

I think that these exercises helped us to gain control. A few minutes later we had to throw a ball to our partner and they had to hit it back. But if you can catch the ball then you earn a point. This was particularly tricky for me because it is not easy to control how hard you hit the the tennis ball. But at the end I got the hang of it. We then finally got onto rallies. I was quite looking forward to it. Everytime you win one rally. You earn a point and if you win the court then you are claimed King or Queen of the court. I earned myself 4 points but unfortunately didn’t win.

After this our final game was the Elimination Game. The same game that we played in our first Tennis lesson. The game went on for a while, but we didn’t get to finish it because our time ran out. We collected the rackets and balls waved our goodbyes and set off back to class.

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